This scam is close to the “I got scammed/hacked” scam, though both will have differences in it!

The scammer gets onto a spare account (probably one just created) and says something like "I am new, trade me rares." Their goal is to try to get some jammer in thinking they are new, when they aren’t. Sometimes, the main of the scammer will try and convince people to trade them rares. They might say that they were hacked and had to make a entirely new account. Here’s some ways to avoid them:

  1. How would they know the trade button if they are new? Look at their language, because if you are new you would say something like: um, can someone tap on the recycle like button?
  2. If someone is new, why would they want rares? They should not be that into the game yet.
  3. Sometimes, scammers go onto a long-time spare. Look at their level and name tag. Recent jammers have level 7, long time spares have maybe 12 or more. Anyhow, they will not be very high in level, as when you reach level 12 you get mira wings, and basically scammer’s spare will not have it.
  4. Ask them what their dream item is. It may sound a little far fetched, but trust me, it works. If they respond with an uncommon item that they most likely haven’t seen, then it’s a spare. If they do a small item, like rocker hair, I consider this an exaggeration to keep the act together. A true new jammer would not have a dream item yet.
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