The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki

Item Selling Scam

Method 1

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A scammer puts up an in-game Animal Jam item (or several) for an amount of money (example: $1 USD for a for a Black Long Collar). Someone pays the seller $1 for the Black Long, but they never receive what they paid for. The scammer may delete their eBay account, instagram account, or discord account, making them nearly impossible to track.

Method 2

A scammer may require your AJ password in order to transfer the item(s) to your account. Instead of giving you what your purchased, they steal your items.

How to avoid this scam

DO NOT BUY ANIMAL JAM RARES USING REAL MONEY. (Also, don't give anyone your password.) Not only is there a risk of getting your money scammed, it's also against Animal Jam's Terms of Service.

Sellers get banned on AJ, and you will most likely get banned if you're found buying rares. Buying rares is a risky, and dishonest way of getting them. You could lose your real money, and you could lose your whole Animal Jam account.

Account Selling Scams


The scammer sells Animal Jam accounts (usually rare, member, or beta accounts) for an amount of real money. The scammer might tell you they use "Secure Buy" so you don't need to worry. Instead of giving you what you paid for, they steal your money.

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How to avoid this scam

DO NOT BUY ANIMAL JAM ACCOUNTS WITH REAL MONEY, Animal Jam disallows account sharing and violating Animal Jam rules might result in severe punishments such as permanent ban. You might lose your money, no matter whether the scammer use "Secure Buy" or not.

Spare Account Scam


The Spare Account Scam is a common scam. How it is used is, a user will put rares on an account and advertise it, saying, "rare account giveaway." The person who wins the giveaway gets the account. After building up to good items, the real owner of the account will come back, and rob you of all your items. (They can only do this, because they know your account password). They may do one of the following things:

  • Go into your account, and take all rares
  • Go into your account and steal all owned things (sapphires, diamonds, gems, items, pets)
  • Go into your account and do one of the first steps, then log out of the account
  • Go into your account and do one of the first steps, then say things that will get the account banned

Scammer Tactics

Providing little or no evidence of any rares at all. Getting a buddy request from multiple accounts (Possibly spares, to get items)

How do you avoid this scam?

Simply, never take passcodes.