This scam is similar to the Outfit Scam and the Skit Scam.



A scammer will buddy you and asked to be adopted. If you're the kind of person who does AJ adoptions, you may say yes. The scammer will get to know you over a broad time span, anywhere from days to weeks. Eventually, they'll ask for a rare item (or several), usually after you've gotten to know them and they've gained some of your trust. Tactics for this scam include:

  • Acting like they want your item(s) because they're sad, or reacting emotionally when they don't get the item (either disappointed or angry)
  • Saying they won't stay with you unless you give items to them
  • Claiming that it's just for the adoption roleplay, or they just want to try items on

Once they get their desired item(s), they won't return anything. Instead, they may block you.

How to avoid this scam

This scam is easy to avoid--if someone asks for your rares, say no. If they react badly or leave you (or threaten to leave you) because you won't give them rares, they only asked to be adopted because they want your items. If you want to avoid any of this kind of drama, don't do adoption roleplays.

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