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This scammer is suspected to have multiple accounts and spares. It is likely that these spares will be used as an aid in their scamming, so if an account seems to be helping this scammer, please collect evidence and report them, both here and in-game.


Although Articwolfonly is banned, he still has active accounts. It is likely that he will continue scamming. He uses different devices and emails, and frequently purchases memberships for his spares.

Articwolfonly (on different accounts) has accused Magiclove4 and Leopardcat5000 as being his main accounts. However, it is possible he's framing them. It is likely that he has a member main where he keeps his rares.

Articwolfonly (on whichever account he's using) as many different methods of scamming. These include the Gift and Trade Scam and the My Shop Method. He hosts both giveaway scams and personal scams. He is extremely rare, but keeps most of his rares on spare accounts or on an unknown main account. He gains trust by doing stunts that are normally considered generous such as selling rare pets for a diamond, hosting real giveaways, or gifting long Spiked Collars. Then he hosts a giveaway scam that are against a jammer's will.

One of the methods he has used is best trade/gift. If someone says he's scamming by doing this, he will change the story. He claims that he was asking for bad items, even though he clearly said best item.

Articwolfonly goes to extremes when building trust, with generous gifts such as long Spiked Collars. However, once someone fully trusts him, he attempts to scam very valuable items that are worth black long Spiked Collars. His victims trust him because of all the times he has manipulated them into believing he's trustworthy, so they often fall for his scams. For example, he once gifted someone a pink long Spiked Collar to gain their trust before he did a scam against them. After he had their full trust, he stole their pet Hedgehog by trading a fake pet hedgehog code for it.

Articwolfonly scammed a user's light pink Headdress by claiming he'd give 2 light pink Headdresses and a magenta Headdress to them after he received the light pink Headdress. He also lied about his trustworthiness by doing a similar thing with a spare/buddy. Once Articwolfonly got the person's light pink Headdress, he never gave the items he promised and blocked them. He attempted to scam another user's 1,000 diamonds by offering his Headdress for 1,500 diamonds. He put a bad item in his shop for 500 diamonds and asked her to buy it first, claiming he didn't want to get scammed again. However, she saw through the scam, and he blocked her, kicking her out of his den as the result.

Articwolfonly has a unique way of getting people to believe him. He often has a swarm of buddies following him, asking him for rares, thanking him for the rares he's given, mentioning how rare he is, and saying what a trustworthy and generous person he is. They even claim that he's Wootmoo and The Shopking. Articwolfonly also claims to be Wootmoo. However, this conflicts with his other claim that Magrares (banned) is his main account. Magrares is a nonmember spare account with 4 achievements.

If anyone accuses Articwolfonly of scamming, all of these buddies suddenly get extremely angry and eager to show proof of his honesty, as if they know exactly what to do. They act very hostile towards the defender, telling them to leave. They also show all of the items they've gotten from Articwolfonly and mention giveaways that he's hosted. They make Articwolfonly sound like an extremely valuable and generous person who hosts giveaways all the time. Buddies that could be working with him include Betakinng and Caffeines. These people are either purposefully making him sound good, are being used by him, or were tricked into believing he's trustworthy.

On one occasion, Articwolfaj scammed $60 USD, promising magenta Sheepcloaks and Headdresses to people in exchange for memberships. He gave them long Spiked Collars to gain their trust, and then cut off all contact with them once they gave him membership codes.

Articwolfonly has threatened to hack several users. He claims to have hacked people already, saying he knows how to access anyone's parent dashboard.

Items scammed

  • Multiple Pet Hedgehogs
  • 2 Light Pink Headdresses
  • Blue Headdress
  • $60 USD
  • Over 40 Den Betas
  • Possibly More