There are 2 very different scams surrounding Beta Homemade Wings, and descriptions of both are featured on this page.

Method One

2020-05-21 (21)
The difference between Beta Homemade Wings and storebought Homemade Wings is often difficult to find. Beta Homemade Wings were released in 2010 and have a slightly lighter and more yellowish shade of green than the ones currently in stores. A scammer will convince you that their storebought wings are beta, and receive rares for them.

Method Two

A plan recently took place to make the value of the Beta Homemade Wings rise. A group of users on Instagram went around saying that the Beta Homemade Wings are worth 50 Black longs. They had spares and helpers offer large fake offers to screenshot and post. This attempt was exposed and the trades were revealed to be fake. Many of the users trading were either known manipulators or spare accounts, and confessions were made on Instagram.

How to avoid this scam

  • If you are trading for Beta Homemade Wings, have the user put the storebought version next to what they claim is the beta version on their list. If they claim they don't have gems, jag/trade them a pair of storebought wings. If they have the jag disabled and/or declines the trade, it's definitely a scam.
  • If they're trading what they claim is the Beta version to you, make sure that they include the storebought wings in the actual trade as well. That way, the real and fake (or fake and fake, if they're a scammer) are always side-by-side for comparison.
  • Watch out for signs of a worth manipulator. Manipulators often use new/spare accounts (which can be checked by animals, achievements, etc. Spares can be member.) Rare traders usually have a known presence on AJ and/or social media, so an unfamiliar user trading a large amount is suspicious. A manipulator will claim that items known to be unwanted are worth more than they should be. 

Note: This doesn't mean everyone asking a little over than the value stated on the Worth Wiki is a worth manipulator. Sometimes, high-demand items are easy to get an overtrade for. Also, the comments might be quicker than the time the wiki takes to update.

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