This scam is a version of the Fake Beta Scam, and is similar to the Magenta Furry Scam.


The Beta Hood is an extremely rare Arctic Hood that is desired by many users. It is worth 114 black longs. However, there is a common variant of the Arctic Hood that looks extremely similar.

Scammers will use this fake version of the Beta Hood claiming that it is the real variant. They may say it is worth 15 Black Longs, offer if for someone's rare items, or ask for a rare undertrade for it. However, the fake hood is only worth a Clothing Beta.

There is another Arctic Hood that looks similar to the Beta Hood and the "Fake Beta Hood", though it isn't used to scam as often.

How to avoid this scam

The real Beta Hood is teal/turquoise with a green eyepiece. The main fake hood is a more dark, solid blue (or powdery blue), but it also has a green eye, which is why people often get them confused. Another fake hood is a darker turquoise, and has a black eyepiece.

  • The hood to the left is a real Beta Hood. It has a green eyepiece as well as being turquoise/teal.
  • The hood in the middle is fake. It has a green eyepiece like the Beta Hood (which is why people get them mixed up), but its main color is a darker, solid blue.
  • The hood to the right is fake. It has a black eyepiece, and is a darker shade of teal.
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