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    good luck

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  • Avehtt Animal Jam

    both dudemaster and mist resigned so now we have 0 admins and yea

    dudemaster resigned himself but mist just resigned because of reasons stated in her blog post so read it and dont be lazy

    so yea bye you two

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  • PrincessMoonlight123

    About Me

    August 7, 2020 by PrincessMoonlight123

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  • Sabrember

    Staff Applications will be open indefinitely- we may close them at some point, but for now we're continuing to accept applications for Discord, Chat, and Content Moderators. If you haven't been messaged about your application, you may be accepted in the future when we have a need for more staff. If you're interested in becoming staff for the wiki, requirements and the form to fill out is here:

    We are proud to announce our newest Content Mod, Avehtt Animal Jam! We may continue to add members to the team as applications come in. 

    If you want a public page made about a scammer, send proof to a Content Moderator or Bureaucrat and we'll take care of it. If you'd like to make a page y…

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  • Zililk1


    August 5, 2020 by Zililk1


    Jamima404 is an Animal Jam Classic Hacker that utilizes hacking in order to break into victims accounts. He is known to use phishing links such as Adobe Flash Hacks as well as Free Account Hacks as well as the Fake Homepage Scam. It is also reported that once he gets access to an account he recycles all the items, as well as bans the account by making an inapporpriate den against the original owners will. He is said to work with a partner that is unknown at this time. He also goes by the alias: "Tux" on discord.

    Multiple Headdresses

    Multiple Beta Elf Tail Armors

    Multiple Long And Short Spiked Collars.

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    I'm scared ngl

    August 5, 2020 by SQUIRRELBABIES

    Should I be worried? I clicked the spanish login link and i was watching this video and aparrently the hacker who owned the link could possibly not just have gotten my aj info but my emails, passwords, etc. Should I be scared?

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  • BlackoutXDragon


    August 2, 2020 by BlackoutXDragon
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  • Xxsnowypawzaj

    Spanish Intro Scam

    August 2, 2020 by Xxsnowypawzaj

    Honesty I'm not 100%  sure on how it works, but if somebody comes to you and asks "Would you mind helping me film an intro?", DONT GO WITH THEM. If you go with them they'll say something like "Is it okay if we film it in Spanish? You don't have to say anything lol", after that they'll take you to a Spanish server and I really have no idea how they do this but by taking you to the Spanish server they're able to scam your items? It happened to me today luckily I knew about this scam and I said "Is this the Spanish intro scam?" And the person left immediately.. Their username is Betafish34, and it may be a lil hard to see but in that screenshot  you can see the chats what they were saying. The Xxsnowypawzajxx person is me btw aha. This has ha…

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  • Blantantcookie

    an issue i see

    July 29, 2020 by Blantantcookie

    i feel like scamming is becoming more common, its like so many people get scammed every day. it is sad. 

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    2 new hackers!

    July 28, 2020 by SQUIRRELBABIES




    Are new hackers! They use the "Vikerus AJ spanish hack"! Do NOT fall for it. Report and block. Ty!

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  • Cranberrysauce444

    This scam starts when Sparkles5367 goes to your den and directs you to their youtube channel. They tell you to log into "spanish animal jam" by following the link in their about page on youtube. Once you do this, they have access to your password and username and can log into your AJ account and use it to steal all of your items. It's a convincing copy of Animal Jam's login page, and it is possible that they have multiple accounts who lead you to their page. 

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  • Danceingqueen500

    Good news Jammers! I haven't been scammed at this year so far! I'm being extra cafeful not to get scammed. Remeber; Never trust a scammer with your items, and scammers can be anyone. Even your best friend!

    Stay safe and Jam On,


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  • XBakedPotatox

    Hello, new user. I've seen you have stumbled upon our scammer busting wiki. I am XBakedPotatox, a content mod. We are a scammer catching wiki. We warn you about different types of scams, hacks, scammers, and hackers. The purpose of our wiki is to warn you about other scams, scammers, etc. Now we will get into business.

    You can contact a moderator, admin, or bureaucrat. If you don't want to do that, we have three page guide pages, Page Guide , Page Template or Example Page . (Proof must be provided!) Once you complete your page, add categories!

    If you want to know if we have a Discord server, we do! Hover above the Important bar, and you'll find a list of options. Click our Discord and hop on to get information on the latest conversations, sc…

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  • DudemasterAJ

    pce out

    July 26, 2020 by DudemasterAJ

    hey im gonna make this silent. im quitting ajsw. its not very fun anymore, its definitely not the same as it once was. so im just gonna head out. probably wont be coming back. goodbye

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  • Avehtt Animal Jam

    so happy late june i dont know what to say honestly. comment whatever and do whatever

    happy fourth but that was like 3 weeks ago

    bye mist she left all of us lol idek what to type anymore

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  • ElectroSpanz

    Don't dox!

    July 22, 2020 by ElectroSpanz

    Recently a user decided it would be funny to dox a scammer's personal information in order to get someone to look into their house just to do really bad stuff. The user in question even started a giveaway where their intent is to spread as large as possible to ruin a scammer's life.

    The term 'doxing' is a search-and-publish method for personal information about a particular user on the internet. This is usually used for malicious intent such as blackmail and depending on the user, they'll do anything to get what they want. Even though scammers were featured on the page, they don't deserve such that from such malicious users and it usually comes off as too far for some jammers.

    Because of this, i am forced to post this blog to get users to kno…

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  • Rexory

    My first page here

    July 21, 2020 by Rexory

    Yo bro and sis.

    I made my first page here because I saw some people selling AJ accs for real money.

    Here's the page: Account Selling Scams

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  • Ajswaggerxx

    Today i lost my black long, my only one. I recently got my black long from a giveaway that i didn't win but this jammer was very very nice enough to give everyone who joined a spike. It was the happiest momment ever in animal jam. But a few days later I got a jag from a user called jammer739v3 she told me to come to her den to win her list her list had a red long and a black long. When i got there there was two other jammers. They were very kind. After a few mins jammer749v3 came and told us how to win it. She said she willl be doing a troll game. (whoever makes the best trolll wins) so i went last and tried traded my black long and many other things then she said i did the troll wrong. I was confused. After that i just tried to troll just…

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  • MistArtz

    im resigning

    July 19, 2020 by MistArtz


    hi im leaving

    if you have a question, just ask (preferably on my wall tho cuz i wont be actively checking this blog--)

    • stress
    • i want to stay neutral
    • im inactive on aj

    i cant go a day without stressing about what might be happening in the wiki, which makes it hard for me to do something i genuinely enjoy anymore.

    i want to stay neutral, and i pretty much cant do that when im a staff member. theres nothing new to see for me, and being an adventurous person, its kinda draining for me to stay. yeah, we catch scammers, but i dont see it as an achievement anymore because of how many times its happened.

    i dont go on aj that much

    its hard to part with the wiki because of how l…

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  • RainfallVibes


    July 18, 2020 by RainfallVibes

    The user Twentyonebeans is a scammer. Earlier today I went to a scam giveaway doing the trust method and she was helping. There were two rounds, and in one the "won" the solid. As far as I know, two solids were scammed from that giveaway. The host of the scam was a new jammer so I can't really help much there. Can someone tell mehow to write a page?

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  • XBakedPotatox

    I'm probably going to be doing a Q&A for a 1k edit celebration so uh, you can leave some Q&A questions but make sure they follow the rules though.

    Anyways, see you later fam B) 

    (NOTE: I can't answer all of these questions, so I'm sorry if you aren't chosen for the Q&A that I'm doing. Don't get mad at me if you aren't chosen.)

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  • Americankestrel1

    I was sitting in Crystal Sands and this guy was trying to possibly scam saying: "Glitched shoes on trade been offered blue hd."

    Upon inspection of their trade list you could clearly see the following, the shoes were in fact not glitched, just the blue coloring of the Cozy Shoes. 

    When confronted on the matter they promptly tried to play it off saying "lel" "Gottem" and "LOL" 

    They then finished off by saying "PEACE OUT" and logging off their account.

    I tried to get images of the chat for proof but it was going too fast since I was in Aldan on a laggy computer :')

    Just keep an eye out to see if it happens again and please DONT fall for this scam, the shoes are NOT glitched.

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  • Queenvee08

    Just as a disclaimer, this is my first time making a post here and it was my first time actually present at a trust scam, so if I handled anything incorrectly that's on me. Would appreciate advice.

    This post is primarily for djblueberry51 and beaniebooturtle, who heard about the scam after it happened and wanted to see my recording. I've described the the scam here, link to the video is at the bottom.

    Anyways, user hipoint (bunny) was advertising a giveaway of the Rainbow Tail Armor they were wearing. Rainbow Tail Armor is worth a low Mystical Fairy Amulet, so a bit of a suspicious thing to claim to be giving away. Once we were at their den, they announced it was trust. I decided to stay and record. They did trades with each of the few other …

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  • Whisperwolf13


    July 13, 2020 by Whisperwolf13

    Sadly, I can't make a post as I have no solid proof.

    But I promise this is true.

    Foxypop started by asking for an offer on adopt me for his/her trade. Including a variety of good things. I offered her something and she said deal before making a new account called 'f0xypopaj' she begged me to go first. When I did and asked to go on an they answered plainly that they they wanted to keep her items! (Who does that!? Smh) I was slightly annoyed but decided to be reasonable and asked for them back. Which she ignored and unfriended me. Then I Friended her again and for some reason she accepted. I joined her server and saw her Cross-Trading, so I Private - chatted the person they were trading that they have scammed, they could do it but it's a chanc…

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  • XBakedPotatox

    Oh boy

    July 13, 2020 by XBakedPotatox

    C u p c a k e s

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  • Mollywonder

    Hello! This is my first blog post about two scammers on AJPW, I'm sorry for any mistakes in this post!

    I don't play actively on AJ Classic, so I don't know about these scammers' activity in the other game. I encountered them on 20th June 2020, which isn't fresh but I hope this can inform you about their scamming tricks!

    Open this image in a new tab to get full view of the proof image!

    I'm not sure what this kind of scam would be called, it's similar to a fake-buyer scam except it's trading items (Where you use two accounts to get a target player to get something unrare that "you want", to trade it for your rare stuff like your Forest Gauntlets.)

    This trick is meant to make the target overtrade for the unrare "wanted item" and attempt to trade …

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  • Lum1naryArts

    frxstedflakess -- using a fake beta hood (Teal w/ black eyepiece) saying its real. Watch out. User Bounjor was scammed of a LPHD due to this.  Watch out!

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  • Huskydog32

    So everyone on this wiki is aware of all sorts of scams. Almost every Animal Jam player is. It's become just another part of the game, as awful as it is. So, I decided to create a little post about them, and addressing some things that although I doubt you don't already know, it's always good to remember.

    Trust trades. The most classic and well-known type of scam. It's usually the first one people have to deal with. NEVER "lend" someone your items to prove you trust them, or for any reason. A true friend would never ask you to do that. 

    Oh, the lovely item generator. "The easy, safe and hack-free way to get your dream item!" This is a total hoax. You should NEVER give ANYONE your personal information such as your password, you or your parents' …

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  • Animatiøns

    so I'm back

    July 7, 2020 by Animatiøns

    wow that was very brief

    anyways have this image from my files lol

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  • Legomon

    Ok so:  I need help. Me and a few friends created a pack two days ago. One of our first new members was a stranger named mysticfox289. Soon after her sister joined, Kata439. A new person joined a few hours ago, and all of a sudden a few minutes ago, they accused the Kata of scamming. Now she looked super confused, and said she didn't even know the person before they joined the pack. They continued insisting that they had forgotten, but Kata had scammed their owl and their friend's sugar glider. Mystic (kata's sister remember) said "I'm pretty sure I would know if my sister was a scammer". Then just out of the blue the accuser says that they were working as a team. I hate scammers, but I feel like the person might be lying. Has anyone been …

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  • Magicseal0

    plzadoptme164 is a scammer all right. As you have seen, he has hired MORE THAN ONE PERSON. When I went into their den, there was Kokowala and a new person ( saw them in all the giveaway) was psylockee. I went undercover as a new jammer and this is how it went.

    I told them that they were on this website (because they are), and they said some.

    UGH SMH. This is what they look like

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  • Wolfy58976


    July 6, 2020 by Wolfy58976

    Scammer using fake wheel method, had helpers.

    In conclusion, jampizza and 0ed89 are the helpers. Read more >
  • Meowingly


    July 6, 2020 by Meowingly

    Plzadoptme164 is a known scammer. He uses the Trust method to scam. When he scams he advertises a giveaway with items such as a orange long collar. When he comes to his den he says "don't you guys know me"? Kokowala, who is a helper says that he gives away items to other jammers, which is not true.

    Next, plzadoptme164 annouces that he will be doing the trust trade method. He says that you must accept the trade. In order to bulid trust, Kokowala "trades" him a bad short collar. When asked for proof of the bad short collar kokowala comes up with the excuse that they're focused. Once the scammer gets the item they're looking or when they get caught in the act they will lock their den.

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  • Meowingly


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  • MistArtz

    lol hi

    July 4, 2020 by MistArtz

    happy fourth of july

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  • Wolfy58976

    Basically I know these types of scams are obvious, but there’s way too many of them and it’s getting annoying. :c

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  • Aniela Likes AJ

    hey im aniela.

    June 29, 2020 by Aniela Likes AJ

    i was invited here by deermixed, yes she was blocked. but she let me on to take her place. i like one piece a lot. and just because im a new user, doesnt mean im a sockpuppet btw. sorry if i seem like one im really not trying to bc im not a sockpuppet. thats all i wanted to say. thx bye

    im still a piece of garbage

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  • DudemasterAJ

    Hey guys, as you know the AJSW has been getting vandalized a lot by sockpuppet accounts. We will be taking action against these vandals and we will now be protecting pages from new members. If you are a new member, you have nothing to fear, just make posts or comments on pages and you'll probably be able to edit pages in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for your cooperation. 

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  • AellaeudokiaAJ


    June 26, 2020 by AellaeudokiaAJ

    you get spammed on your wall and with buddy request by the same user don't accept the buddy request you will get hacked during when this is happening everything of yours on animal jam classic gets spammed your jags will get spammed with secret valentines. what you do during this DO NOT REFRESH! it will make it worst!!! disable your account and stay away from it for a while others try to get the user banned by having people report them. once they are banned delete the messages on your wall and your jags this happened to a small youtuber cookiejazzywolf AJ. the valentines will be a jag saying ANIMAL JAM ROCKS with the wolf jag. Auth will take over your whole account be careful of this scammer

    • TBA

    [1]hacking in action here.

    yes i did have to ma…

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  • Avehtt Animal Jam

    Hello! Recently, one of the Scammer Watch's earliest members Raymond from ACNH, also known as Sprig, left the AJSW to go scam and hack. I decided that this is a great time to remind you all of our Rules. So, I'm going to go over the main ones and how to avoid them. The Rules page is Here.

    By far, Vandalism is the easiest to avoid. What I mean is that if you don't want to go around and messing up pages, and possibly breaking more rules, you don't have to. Vandals are part of a Wiki, and they always will be unless we lock all the pages. I know the Scammer Watch, and I don't think that they would lock all the pages just to avoid vandalism.

    You can help clean up the pages, and you shouldn't go around being a vandal doing what vandals do. The less …

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  • QuackyLizard

    I had to delete her comments/message wall threads/replys and now I feel like its August 2019 when I had to block 12-13 vandals in one day on my main account animatiøns >:((

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  • Avehtt Animal Jam


    June 25, 2020 by Avehtt Animal Jam

    The vandal is gone, but spon I'm going to make a Blog about things you shouldn't do that have been done recently.

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  • MistArtz

    o k

    June 24, 2020 by MistArtz

    also never start reading what i put as my file names its literally keyboard smashes

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  • MistArtz
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  • MistArtz


    June 24, 2020 by MistArtz

    no this is so sad what the heck : [

    i was gonna go spam their message wall but i g u e s s i c a n t

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  • ElectroSpanz

    Hot Water

    June 24, 2020 by ElectroSpanz

    I'll likely be on break from this wiki. This Raymond problem caused me to act like a bouncer for Potato and her group in order to help her out. While i am aware Raymond has taken too far before i asked Potato to lock the post about Raymond's betrayal, i felt i may have lost my coolness.

    True, i could've kept my voice to myself, but you do have to admit that, this is the reason why i fear i may abuse the power. You'll never know what a type of monster i would become if i slipped out of sanity from power. Like what happened to Raymond. She acted immature, she got herself under hot water and got a block in a face. As much as i hate drama, i have to gut myself out of the way to talk to her about it. What's done is done. We don't need anymore dr…

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  • XBakedPotatox


    June 24, 2020 by XBakedPotatox

    We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable, not frightened, disturbed, etc. The behavior we witnessed came from Raymond from ACNH. I decided to take time to write this out. Raymond has been vandalizing pages, claiming Witchyyy is innocent, and more. Multiple sockpuppets were made (avoiding bans) from Raymond. We want to make sure you are safe and welcome on here. If you are new, please read the rules and the block policy so you know what to expect before you do something that's against our rules. Once again, we apologize for what happened and anyone who ended up getting involved. Stay safe.

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  • QuackyLizard

    am I the only one that remembers the staff member of the month award thing or what

    cuz the idea just died

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  • DudemasterAJ

    sick of this

    June 23, 2020 by DudemasterAJ

    why the heck would a long time member, who has had their ups and downs, and is then finally in the right place, decides to betray the community, his friends, just for some fake friend on Animal Jam for and for a few pixels? And then we got people acting like they know crap. Raymond aka sprig plantar, was the 2nd person to ever join this wiki. He was a vandal at first, then a friend and staff member. Then he did a bad thing on another wiki and was blocked for some months. He then regain his staff position. Oh and in those months that he was banned, that was a series of him getting on alt accounts, trying to ban evade. (20+ alt accounts) after regaining his staff position, it was all chill until someone reported him to cuppa. Sprig got banne…

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  • MistArtz

    have some pics i saved in 2019 to cure your trauma

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