Sxarcasm Sxarcasm 7 hours ago

Why you shouldn’t scam

  1. It’s so rude...
  2. It’s how buddies can be lost
  3. It’s ruining Animal Jam
  4. You can get in trouble
  5. You wouldn’t want to get scammed, would you?
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Sirpaw coding Sirpaw coding 7 days ago


I'm Sirpaw13, I've played AJC for 8 years and been hacked 5 times.

I'm here to try and track down hackers and scammers to help the AJ community.

About me-

  1. I know how to code really well on the wiki and a bit with python
  2. I've played AJ for 8 years
  3. I love music
  4. I'm active anytime from 5:00am til 10:00-11:00pm MST
  5. I'm very much an introvert
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XxSharkzxx XxSharkzxx 8 days ago

Reasons Why You May Have Been Banned On Animal Jam

I made this random blog post because I've been seeing YouTubers make videos on "I Was Banned And I Don't Know Why" etc.

Have you ever tried to log on to your account and see that it has been banned and wonder why? You didn't think you scammed, hacked, sold items for money or violated any of Animal Jam's rules. A few reasons why you were banned other than that could have been...

-You traded/traded for a hacked item but the trade wasn't clean

Example: I don't have an example for this because I'm dumb

-You followed a buddy to somewhere hacked

Example: You wanted to see your buddy, so you followed them. They were in a hacked server.

-You were advertising a live stream or YouTube giveaway

Example: "Blahblahblah AJ is on stream! Giveaways every 5!" Jam…

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XxSharkzxx XxSharkzxx 14 days ago

Does Reporting Jammers Actually Get Them Suspended/Banned

It depends what they did. Lots of people report jammers and say "Oh this won't even help." Well, it most of the time really does help. AJHQ gets the report and looks at their account activity. If you were to report someone many times for the same reason at almost the same time, it just spams AJHQ and makes it harder to see other player reports. If someone were to report a jammer for scamming, don't expect them to get banned right away. They'd probably just get suspended, bubble chat, or their trading and/or their gifting turned off. Also, it might take time for them to view the account activity.

Thanks for reading, sorry this is so random hehe I was really bored

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Lemonturtle48 Lemonturtle48 17 days ago

Biggest you´ve been scammed of?

For me was 8 wb :´)

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Iamnotsukieonline Iamnotsukieonline 17 days ago


did you know if you make this face (o0o) it's kinda like the pog face.

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Alenwho Alenwho 20 days ago


i found out how to prevent try on scam.......i found an item glitch that lets you wear what you dont have (cant trade it, banishes in trrade, and cant change maps tho)

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Scorch Runner Scorch Runner 3 days ago


Hey, I'm sirpaw13!

I've played AJC for 8 years and have been hacked 5 times so I joined the AJ scammer watch wiki.

I'm very active on discord so if you need absolutely anything let me know :D

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Tabicatt Tabicatt 18 March

Bday gift

Hi so before you guys come after me for begging, please hear me out. So some sort of glitch locked me out of my account (note I have never scammed or hacked) . It’s been two months and I still can’t get in. No I was not hacked. I can’t reset my password either because that was glitching too. So I’m kinda stuck rn. Any ways to get into contact with Ajhq or fix it?

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Supporter Shoutouts

Today is day 3, the last day you get your chances to join the mission before it starts NOW. This blog will be linked to Manedwolfs and how to avoid him and AJ Classic and on YouTube and Discord.


Shout-out to @Chery86 for joining this mission. She cares about everyone's urgent messages, and helps them. She was confident to join and help me start the mission!

Procedures on how to avoid Manedwolfs and Clarifications:

  1. Manedwolfs is clarified to be a male, not a female. Many people still thinks he is a girl, not a boy. In one Discord app call, he was a young boy, proving he's too young to be on Discord which is a 13+ communication application for adults, and not kids due to 13+ adult themes found in chats and videocalls.
  2. Second, don't ac…
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NekoNoir6 NekoNoir6 13 March


This person in the photo randomly traded me on ajpw while ai was shopping. Watch out for them and simular scams

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Cadennce1 Cadennce1 13 March


User: Puppylover4661 is trying to scam lol. They are using the "trade me items for more spots" scam tactic. There is literally only me and their spare and I are there :3 The spare is: exquisithero. There were other people, but they left. I doubt they are gonna catch anyone with this, but it's a scam nonetheless.

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BlueLions BlueLions 9 March

Scammer Found

I found a scammer today, user is credo5, who also has multiple spares. He/she tried to get people to trade for their account, which has many, many animals. They asked that you offer first, which is quite suspicious, given that they can easily change their password or simply not give it away at all. Additionally, he/she asked all people who may want to participate to go to their den, which can be locked. While this may not be enough proof, during my time in his or her den investigating, a person came in and asked him or her why they scammed the person's buddy. Therefore, I ask that you watch out for this jammer, who is as fishy as an ocean and also is likely a scammer.

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Sanjay.kasi Sanjay.kasi 6 March

I got scammed :(

hi all to reading this,

i got scammed by a person called nojancute88 , he told he would give me 2-3 gold bunnies if i followed his so called deal. I feel for it thinking that he was legit and honest cuz he promised me many times. his deal was that each round i had to give give each items he requested me to trade him. he went on for 5 rounds where he took my pet gold bunny, pet bear, pet firefly my 2 masterpieces and a white trick of treat bucket. he made me believe that he was getting these items for his sister and he was giving bunnies cause he was gonna leave aj soon. after getting my items he went afk and was never online later. i had worked hard on getting these pets since i loved pets more than anything in animal jam and the fact that …

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I am sharing a brand, brand new misson!

Hello guys~ Numbercreatures here and I came up with a blog that discusses about my now-shared mission to stop Manedwolfs, the scammer on our wiki. Someday if he's active rather than being offline and inactive, he can have that intent of messing up a certian scammer article. Banning him or blocking him isn't easy. One comment stated in Manedwolfs said he evaded his IP ban, which shows an image of Liza, the panda alpha from AJ Classic (For PC)

Crossing her arms and looking away angerlily, like she's grumbling "Hmph!". Then, the usual AJ Classic IP ban statement shows up that your child is now placed on IP ban. I have messaged about 2 users in the feed to come join my misson, so we can all make a change. Later, I had self-commented that I ha…

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DudemasterAJ DudemasterAJ 26 February

Two Years of AJSW

Two years, 4 hours ago, on February 26th, 2019, this wiki was created (by me duh) and over these two years a lot has been done. Nearly 750 pages, nearly 100k edits. Absolutely crazy. Not to mention at least 50 vandal waves and other unnamed people that caused mayhem. It's been a very good two years, personally when I created this wiki I didn't think it would work. But then an amazing person ChocolateKoala (the backbone of the wiki) came in and helped a TON. Taught me how to code, make pages properly, they were an amazing help and an amazing Co Owner. For some reason, they always say they did absolutely nothing when I credit them, weird. Then someone popped up, we trusted them, then crazy stuff happened that I won't go into much detail abo…

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Midnightstars14 Midnightstars14 24 February


conversation and the trd

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Kirishaii Kirishaii 20 February


Hello, I'm the user that goes by Kirishaii, I have moved accounts on animal jam classic. Meaning it is kinda useless to keep my scam page open, but I get more re fame soooo🥴🥴🥴

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Valentina Hearts Valentina Hearts 18 February

Mini Announcement

I am mostly Active on the Art Wiki, just so you know, you can talk to me on there if you need me.

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Obviously error Obviously error 13 January
















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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 9 January

1 Year on the AJSW + Fandom

1 year ago today, I joined Fandom and this wiki. It was an honor and I remember my very first profile. Fishyfishyfishyfishy something like that.

I remember starting out with 0 everything, but now here I am, thanks to everyone :)

Thank you for the support!

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Avehtt Animal Jam Avehtt Animal Jam 2 January

Its 2021 now yay

Now I finally have the right to say "Goodbye, 2020".

Whew, that was a lot. With the virus, my role, and everything on top of that, you can kind of see how I felt sometimes.

It's a new year, which means a fresh start. Happy new year, everyone!

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Sabrember Sabrember 31 December 2020

New Staff + Other News

Congratulations to our newest additions to the staff team!

Small-soul - Chat Moderator

passionfruit#6033 - Discord Moderator

Discord, Content, and Chat Moderator positions are still open. The requirements are listed on this page.

Rather than commenting under the Staff Requirements page, we have a new form that you can fill out to apply for a staff position. Leave a message on my wall if you fill out an application:

  • Hyenine1, a well-known AJ artist, is a dangerous member of the AJ community. Block and report him and his art. Proof of his actions is in this Instagram post: (TW…

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ElectroSpanz ElectroSpanz 27 December 2020

QnA from the formerlly active Jammer Editor.

Jammers. I wanna make a QnA blog to help you guys get to know me more when i have stuff to deal with. I've noticed despite not being a moderator or admin of the Wiki since i turned it down, it seems that the way i did seems pretty good. So lemme give you answers.

  • 1 How did you join Animal Jam, and what made you migrate games?
  • 2 What other games and activities do you play or do?
  • 3 What is your favorite to do in Play Wild?
  • 4 What is your favorite on the Animal Jam Scammer Watch Wiki?
  • 5 How did you ended up finding this Wiki?
  • 6 What's one rule you wish to add on this Wiki?

I started to play Animal Jam in September 2011 a month before Halloween ensues. Found the game while googling something unknown that is friendly. When scammers in Classic started to bec…

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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 25 December 2020

Staff Application Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we are now doing staff applications through Google Forms. They still have the same questions from the bottom of the page where questions used to be. You will also notice that comments are turned off on Staff Requirements. If you have any questions, please leave a message on A bureaucrat's wall or down in this blog post.

We can't wait to see you on our staff team if you apply!

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Avehtt Animal Jam Avehtt Animal Jam 24 December 2020

My Promised Q&A!

Hello everyone! As I promised, I made a Q&A! I only have 4 questions, but that's okay! Now I'm going to start it!

Q: What made you interested in being a part of the AJSW?

A: Stopping scammers and hackers made me interested in the AJSW. I liked the idea so much that I wanted to become staff.

Q. What is your Animal Jam username, and why did you pick it?

A. My username is avehtt. A long time ago, my friend told us to pick a name we really liked (I chose Avery) and asked to put the first three letters in the name and add "htt" to the end. I still don't know why we added "htt", but I like that it makes my username cool and unique.

Q. Why did you pick your wiki username?

A. Because of my Animal Jam username.

Q. How long have you been playing AJ?

A. I'm pretty …

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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 21 December 2020

Monthly Post Number 2

Hi everyone! Potato here to talk about some new things and stuff in this monthly blog post! I hope you're doing okay everyone!

  • 1 #1: Trigger Warnings
  • 2 #2: Christmas
  • 3 #3: Staff Positions
  • 4 #4: Conclusion

From now on, If I mention anything that could traumatize or scare someone, I will put a trigger warning. It will be something like this:

((Trigger Warning))

It's almost the holidays! I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas this year, even though.. there's a pandemic, but that doesn't mean the holidays will be ruined!

Are you looking to scammer catch? Do you want to help find new scammers? If yes, then apply today! Staff Requirements can be seen here.

That's it, I hope you liked this months Monthly Post! Have a happy Holidays.

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Eamullen1228 Eamullen1228 6 December 2020


Hey (new to making blog posts) I found an aj user called Duskstep and they are someone's spare? Anyone know the main? They also had a spare and helper (or 2 helpers) but I forgot their users. Can someone help?

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Akiidc Akiidc 3 December 2020

scammer alert!

heyhey, look what we got!!

please report Willowtree8900 for scamming. they use alt accounts and try to make the victims feel safe by chatting with them and complimenting them. the giveaway started out normal with a wheel and giving a solid and a rim hd to their alts. they look like spares from their extremely low achievements and no pets/other animals. i believe they had at least 4 alt accounts in the giveaway. then they announced a d like, you dont need to believe this.

here is what i have though:…

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Puppygamer23 AJPW Puppygamer23 AJPW 1 December 2020

Yayy I did it :D

I'm on the second book of Dawn of the Clans :D

Prob gonna ask for it for Xmas

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Acrylico Acrylico 30 November 2020

Scammer Tracker

Just a note-keeping blog for me I assume, I will update this when I can and add stuff about any possible hackers that I find. So kicking it off with this one;


Possibly a scammer and someones spare, if you check the achievements they only have (11/29/20) 'Color Me Rad', 'Buddy Added', 'Pen Pal', and 'First Pet'

They are claiming the hat on trade is glitched, (which it isn't) Of course, this could just be a new jammer making a mistake, but what makes me suspicious is this;

-The achievements

-When I went to their den and told them about it they instantly locked me out (and logged off)

-They logged back on shortly, and they said I was lying

-The fact that they had put other good items on trade shortly after (Worn blankets, a DB, a few CB's) gettin…

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Etotheloser Etotheloser 29 November 2020

My cat ushanka hat on trade!

Hai jammers! My rare cat ushanka hat is on trade! I am mostly looking for my wish list so if you are interested, My user is melorisim in ajpw and also please buddy me so I can trade you! (You can comment if you can comment on blog posts because this is my first one)

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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 22 November 2020

Monthly Post Number 1

This is the first Monthly Post, and I felt like we could do that since I asked people in Discussions if they wanted to do it. Most of yall said yes. There won't be much besides some important things to clear up.

There was a databreach about 2 weeks ago (November 11th, 2020) on both Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic. If you have been pawned, change your password. The hackers are after your personal information mostly. A statement from AJ can be seen here.

One of our chat moderators resigned. They will be missed. Staff Applications are open if you want to apply.

If you need help making a page, contact a staff member or use the guide, template, or example scammer page.

That's it! I will see you all in the December Monthly Post!

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Avehtt Animal Jam Avehtt Animal Jam 20 November 2020


Hey everyone! I came up with a good idea: News!

However, this news will be only about me.

First off, I would like to state my inactivity. I haven't been on for over a month and I didn't do my blog in October. It's because school has started back up and I've been a little busy. But now that I'm used to it, I can make time for the AJSW.

Second, Animal Jam was hacked and most information was leaked. I suggest changing your passwords to something more complex if you were hacked, but the safe theing to do either way is to change your password. For more information about the Data Breach, check out Sabrember's blog here or Animal Jam's Official Statement.

Last, a few of our staff resigned. Staff Apllications are open if you want to apply. I believe Discor…

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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 13 November 2020



If you got the message already, then you would have known there was a databreach yesterday, November 11th 2020. Wildworks is investigating but 7 million emails, passwords, etc. have been stolen. No credit card information has been taken luckily, but precautions need to be taken. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

  1. Change your account/parent dashboard password to something easy to remember but hard to guess. Animal Jam is forcing everyone to change their passwords. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE.
  2. Check out to see if you have been pawned. IF YOU HAVE BEEN PAWNED, CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PASSWORD RIGHT AWAY.
  3. Lock your account after you're done playing, this will lower the chance of you getti…
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Sabrember Sabrember 12 November 2020

WARNING: Wildworks Account Breach

Wildworks has experienced an account breach that affects all Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam (Play Wild) players. If you are unable to access your parent account to change your password, you may be locked out of your account, since Wildworks is automatically changing passwords due to information leaks. Transfer your items immediately if this is the case.

Official Instagram post from Wildworks:

Data Breach Alert on the official Animal Jam website:

Change your password, making it long and complicated. Over 20 characters is advised, but close to the max amount of characters allowed is ideal. Use numbers and symbols (including a lot of obscure, non-keyboard symb…

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Consistantforces Consistantforces 7 November 2020

Future Aj docu series coming soon!

Hello everyone! Today I will be announcing that there is work being made on a brand new AJ docu series called Jammers: A Fall From Grace. This series features popular jammers in our community once famous and well received who are now looked down upon. This includes Scammers, Pedofiles, hackers, and bullies. I'm currently working on the trailer. Afterwards I will be working on Episode 1: Scary aj's fall from grace. I will update you guys when the trailer is out and when new episodes arrive! Until then, Stay tuned!

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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 30 October 2020

Hallowseve Post

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying completely safe during this time, but as we all know, tomorrow, we will be celebrating Halloween! I unfortunately will not be trick-or-treating due to the pandemic, but for anyone trick-or-treating, please be safe! Even though I'm not able to go trick-or-treating, I will be on the wiki saying hello though! What do you plan on doing during Halloween? Happy Halloween!

Potato :)

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Acrylico Acrylico 8 October 2020

Insta. Scam Group

Hey, so maybe a month ago I was on Instagram and I stumbled upon an official looking AJ scam group.

Anyways, I discovered them when I was on one of my Undercover Instagram accounts, where I pretend to scam, and catch scammers in the act.

There are about five members to the group, and I'm not sure if there is more now. They have 'Memory' story tabs for each group member, and what you have to do to join. They make you do an oath thing in PM (Ex. I, (Insta Username), swear that I will scam with my fellow team-mates and share the profit with whoever was in the scam, My AJ username is (AJ Username) and I am going ti join you, the (group name), in scamming.")

They also have a list of requirements; they either require you to show (video) proof of yo…

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XXWinter01XX XXWinter01XX 7 October 2020


I don't know where else to put this, as it's not letting me post on peoples walls. (I suspect because of the migration.), So I decided I'll report it here. I was in the Arctic Wolf Ice Cave, when a user called Pixe1racc00n started saying, anything big, but I feel like it could be good just to let users know. If you need anymore proof, I have more screenshots. Thank you and watch out!


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XBakedPotatox XBakedPotatox 25 September 2020

Scammer Busting Tutorial

Hey everyone! Potato here, and I will be teaching you how to bust scammers. It's pretty simple, follow along!

  • 1 Step 1. Find a "giveaway"
  • 2 Step 2. Wait for the host.
  • 3 Step 3. Do not trade or say anything.
  • 4 Step 4. Send it to a Staff Member on the Animal Jam Scammer Watch or AJHQ
  • 5 Conclusion

Find someone that is advertising a giveaway. Remember, you are trying bust scammers. An example of a scammer's advertisement would be like this :

"Giveaway at my den! If you Trust me!"

That's an example of a scam giveaway advertisement. Go to it once you find one.

The step is simple, just wait for the host.

Don't trade anything or say anything. Take screenshots/videos of the scammer's method while doing so.

When you have the evidence, send it to someone on this wik…

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PrincessLunasparkle31 PrincessLunasparkle31 7 December 2020

Hiatus Moment!

Hello jammers,It's Moonlight here.As you see in the title...Yes,I'm going on a short hiatus because i have work and projects to do.So if you don't mind,i may extend my hiatus but we don't know.It's my decision but i have one favour for you to do.Vote on my poll in the discussion post before it ends tommorow.This is Moonlight here signing out....Peace and Bye!



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Doggo981 Doggo981 21 September 2020

How to respond to scams

Have you ever witnessed a scam? Did you know how to handle it? If you answered "no" to the second question, I suggest you read this blog post:

how to react to trust giveaway scams:


scammers these days are really desperate for items. Even if you trade like a paintseed tree, it is likely you will be scammed, unless someone else already traded something better. It is a good idea to just watch the scammer or to troll them, but you might get locked out.

Step 2) Tell others not to trade.

Don't let others get scammed. Tell everyone to leave so they won't get scammed. If someone is trading big items while everyone else is trading less, that account might be a spare since they are trying to encourage others to trade.


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Doggo981 Doggo981 17 September 2020




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RonnieKittyCat RonnieKittyCat 16 September 2020

Who has any kind of these spikes?

You can choose what I should trade for one of those. I am not really sure what they're worth but I will be trading a good short maybe. My username is Magicalstar258, I may look un-rare but all my rare items are member so... yeah. I think I will become member soon. I am ALWAYS online on Saturday 5 PM, so send me a jag and comment here or on my wall. I do not like to say this on my wall: " If you have unwanted rare pets, give them to me!" I like to offer, not like getting a your unwanted items for free. I do NOT like other wiki's, so yeah.
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PrincessLunasparkle31 PrincessLunasparkle31 7 December 2020

How To Avoid From Being Scammed:A Tip From Moonlight

Hello there,It's Moonlight here and today.....I'm back with an another tips that could help you to avoid from being scammed in Animal Jam.So we all know that we been scammed before,raise your hands if you have.*Raises hand*.Our days will be gloomy if we get scammed.It's feel like our items were important to us..*Sigh*,Ok let's get into the topic.

1)Know what scamming means

If you don't know what scamming means then let me tell you what this means.Scamming is essentially a trick where a scammer tricks an innoncent jammer into giving them an item with a promise to return the item back to the owner but instead the scammer scam the jammer and took the item forever.Thats the meaning of scam.

2)Recognize scamming

There are few key phrases that scammer  …

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Avehtt Animal Jam Avehtt Animal Jam 9 September 2020

Formatting Scammer Pages

Hello! Due to the partnership with Animal Jam Art Wiki, we've had a lot of new users who have not yet seen the Wiki before. I will provide a guide to formatting scammer pages.

Put after.

Now the categories. Each page should have categories like this:

Active | 2020 | Scammers | Evidence Provided | Unknown Gender | Member or Non-member |

Then, your formatted page shoudl be done!

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Sabrember Sabrember 1 September 2020

Short Hiatus

I'm on a temporary hiatus due to a personal incident. I'll be back in a couple days; I just need to recharge for a little. I may fulfill some requests while on my break or take care of them right after, apologies for the inconvenience. 

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RacheltAjplayer RacheltAjplayer 24 August 2020










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PrincessLunasparkle31 PrincessLunasparkle31 7 December 2020

How To Avoid From Being Hack

Hello there,It's me Luna here and today, i'm going to show you some tips about how to avoid from being hacked.There is also going to be a tip about how to make a strong password so without wasting time,Let's get started.

1)Disable your trading,gifting and lock your account after you finished playing Animal Jam Classic

This is the safest way to avoid your account from being hacked.After you finished playing Animal Jam Classic or Animal Jam,better disable your trading,gifting and lock your account so hackers won't get into your account.If you don't have a email connected to your parent dashboard yet,you better do it because hackers can hack your account anytime!Please do this with your adult supervise.

2)Avoid Hacks And Glitches While Online


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