UI HA 219

Due to consistent scamming, this scammer has been banned! Regardless, if you have proof that this scammer has returned through third-party programs or have an alternate account, make sure to report that account to AJHQ and report them here along with your proof. Stay safe, jammers!


Blurredhearts uses the Gift & Trade Scam, Spare account scam, and the Trust scam to scam. On the comments of the Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki Headdress page, there was a discussion about Blurred. BlurredHearts has also scammed a purple long and more from this person (Snuffles888), and a RIM Headdress from another Jammer too. You can read the full story here.

Huskycloud 101 claimed that she just got scammed by BlurredHearts. They said: "They were offering a blue Headdress for tan glossies, another person offered tan Glossies for my orange Headdress. I accepted and guess what, they left."

Others, such as Hershyz and StillingWater, have also claimed to know her and agreed that she scams. Hershyz included her personal experience with her, also mentioning that BlurredHearts attempted to use the same method she used to scam Huskycloud101 to scam her. She stated in the comments: "She tried to scam me of my Tan and Orange HD". Hershyz also shared a portion of her short discussion with Blurredhearts:

ME: Hey Blurred hearts! :D

HER: Hello! 

ME: Can I ask a question? :D

HER: Sure!

ME: Aren't you that really popular scammer that scams everyone? :)

HER: SHUT UP! -leaves the server suspiciously fast-

Items Scammed

  • Orange Headdress
  • 2 RIM Headdresses
  • Black Headdress
  • Purple Long
  • Pink Long
  • Green Short Wrist
  • Possibly More

Other Accounts

  • Bønzai (Suspected)
  • Cosmicyy (Suspected, banned)


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