Chomp49 is a scammer. He will ask people in a full server to visit his den because he has a question to ask. Once exactly 12 people go to his den, he will buddy request them all. He will lock his den so only buddies can enter his den. He will then ask everybody what their favorite color is, what their dream item is, what their pet is, what their name is, ect. If people say they don't want to tell him, he will unbuddy them and lock the player out. Once he knows your dream item, he will say that he can generate items ( Which he can't ) their items magenta. ,He will say that his generator is broken and say people will have to trade their items to him so he can make it magenta but he will say that he will give it right back. Once the player gives him their item ( Say a spike ) He will lock his den and unbuddy all of them.

Items scammed:

  • Peacock feathers
  • Black long spiked collar
  • Meagyn's Pet bear
  • Pet mouse
  • Candy Cane socks
  • Cat ears
  • Camis frog
  • Straw hat
  • Possibly More


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