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This scammer scams using the trust method. The scammer advertises a giveaway in their den with the "quitting" excuse. They use an orange long as bait. After they get a lot of victims in their den, they announce it's a wheel giveaway. However, to get a spot on the wheel, you have to trade them items. The scammer said that accepted trades would be considered donations. They WOULD trade back items if you'd ask for them (at first).

Eventually, one jammer said they were going to trade an orange short spiked collar. After the jammer did that, the scammer spun the wheel. It apparently landed on the jammer that traded the spike. Weirdly, the jammer refused to take the spike and asked the scammer to spin again. The scammer didn't spin again and after arguing, locked their den in the process. Another jammer claims to have lost clothing betas but there is no proof of this happening.

Items scammed

  • Orange short spiked collar (possibly)
  • Clothing betas (possibly)
  • Possibly more