The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki


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Cross trading is when someone says they're trading a rare item on AJPW for something rare on Animal Jam, or vice-versa. Not only does cross trading happen between AJPW and AJ, but it can happen with other sites as well (such as Roblox and Transformice).

A scammer promises that they'll trade their item from one game for your item on another game, but they make you go first and break their promise.


You want to trade for someone's rare AJPW item, a Black-Tipped Raccoon Tail, and you're offering your Black Long on Animal Jam PC. They make you go first, and you give them your Black Long on AJPC. Instead of giving you their Black Tip like they promised, they block you.


  • A scammer might have a "middleman" (another user) doing the trades to supposedly ensure safety. This middleman is working with the scammer, or is a spare of the scammer.
  • A scammer might say that they'll do the trades on AJPC and AJPW at the same exact time, so no one has to go first. However, they never trade their rare item when they say they will (even though you trade yours).

How to avoid this scam

The only way to avoid this scam is to never crosstrade. Anyone has the potential to scam during crosstrading, so it's a gamble whenever you do it. Crosstrading can be benefical, but it's often set up to scam. If you're willing to risk your items often, then expect to get scammed eventually.

  • Never go first during a crosstrade; ask the other person to trade at the same time or to trade first, and see if their reaction is suspicious.
  • If someone you're crosstrading with acts suspicious, rude, or insistent, it's likely that they're trying to scam. Never crosstrade with nonmember spare accounts.
  • If you want it to be safer, use a middleman you know to do the trades, or only crosstrade with people you know. Even then, someone you know could scam you.