Cupid Wings are a highly desired Animal Jam item. More recent variants are worth a Den Beta each, while older variants can be worth up to several Black Longs. These are called "Glossies" because of their pure white shine. A scammer may trick you into confusing the two variants.


A scammer will undertrade you for your Glossies (saying they're not gloss), or they may take an overtrade for their normal Cupid Wings (saying they are gloss).

One way they do this is by showing you their Glossies, but switching them for "non-gloss" when they trade you. They may even offer you Glossies, cancel the trade saying there was a glitch, and then offer you non-gloss right after.

How to avoid this scam

Make sure you know what's gloss and what isn't. Check the AJ Item Worth Wiki to compare cupids to the ones they show on the page. Ask other people if you're still not sure.

  • Black, Pink, and Blue are the hardest to tell the difference between gloss and non-gloss, so
    Glossy vs Non Glossy comparison

    Black non-glossies (left) compared to black glossies (right)

    be careful. Black Glossies are the only Glossies without a white shine (the shine is a slightly lighter grey than non-gloss).
  • Keep this in mind: Glossies (except for black) have a very bright white shine. If the color of the shine has even a hint of pink, blue, etc., it isn't Gloss. Rarer colors like Purple, Green, Red, and Tan are very easy to tell.
  • If someone includes Cupids in a trade, check every time that the Cupids are what they're supposed to be.
  • White Glossies do not exist. Purple RIM Cupids (with a rare tag) have a bright white shine, but they're worth less than glossies, a bad long.
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