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This scammer is currently active and possibly still scamming. Please report this user for scamming and safety issues, and if you have proof that they have scammed more than what we have stated, it would be appreciated if you could provide it here; otherwise, stay clear of this jammer.

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This scammer is suspected to have multiple accounts and spares. It is likely that these spares will be used as an aid in their scamming, so if an account seems to be helping this scammer, please collect evidence and report them, both here and in-game.


Draco Scams is a small Animal Jam YouTuber with 19 subscribers. They use Trust to scam. Their biggest scam can be found here. They always blur out usernames in their videos. They claimed to have stopped scamming at one point, but later uploaded another scamming video. They have said in a video that they use a spare account to scam.

There is another channel called Draco Scams, and it is likely the same person.

Items Scammed

  • Black Long Collar
  • Blue Short Collar
  • Yellow Short Wrist
  • Leap Year Shark Fin


MAdE wiTh KiNeMaStEr
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