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Advertisement Email Scam


The scammer will search for videos of people who accidentally leaked their email and wants to beta test the upcoming game from WildWorks, Once they had found a target, they will email them, saying that they are invited to beta test the game, but as a requirement, they need their Animal Jam username and password. One of the emails that currently does this scam is called

Feral fake email.PNG

How to avoid this scam

If you get a fake email from these scammers, asking for your Animal Jam password, don't give them your password.’s real emails are (the email that sends beta invites to the game, updates, etc) and (their support email). If there is another email that is claiming to be WildWorks, it’s not them.

AJHQ Email Scam



Scammers make email accounts pretending to be AJHQ in order to get your account information. The email addresses of these fake accounts may be posted on social media, or they may email you directly.


  • You send an email to a fake AJHQ account (either for help or free items), and the fake AJHQ email responds by asking for your password.
  • A fake account emails you directly, telling you that they will give you free items if you give them your password or click a suspicious link.
  • A fake account emails you directly, telling you that you need to give them your password or click a suspicious link to verify or fix something.

How To Avoid This Scam

AJHQ's email is If you get an email from anyone else claiming to be AJHQ, they are a scammer. AJHQ has their own domain.

AJHQ would never ask for your password. They have all passwords safely stored in their records, so there is no need for them to ask. If you get an email from someone claiming to be AJHQ and they ask for your password, it's fake.