The Exclusive Item Scam is slightly uncommon. It is normally involves very rare items however. The scammer will often say things such as: Trade me and at the end you will get a item that hasn't even been released, etc.

Method 1.

Method number one is the most popular. The scammer may often scam a trusted buddy. First the scammer will ask their buddy to come to their den. Next, the scammer will pick a item they really want. With AJPW new trading system the scammer is able to tell the buddy that after, a exclusive item will appear and its never been in AJPW or AJ before. After the buddy accepts the scammer unbuddies them and blocks them. After the scammer locks the den.

Method 2

Method 2 isn't as popular because people can be seen scamming. It mainly involves the scammer saying something along the lines of "Trade me your best rare and you will get a super exclusive item!" After a scamee is found, the scammer will often promise rares or betas for the exclusive item the jammer would get after to make it seem real. However after the trade the scammer blocks and may even report the scamee even if they didn't do anything. Then while the scamee is complaining that they didn't receive the item the scammer will leave.

Ways to avoid this scam

Their is no way for a scammer to get exclusive items, unless they are breaking one of AJ's most strict rules, hacking.

Never gift players in exchange for exclusive items

If a buddy is acting suspicious, unbuddy, block, and report this jammer. They may be trying to scam.

Stay Safe!

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