The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki

This scam encloses multiple different types of scams, some of the following are the most common: Magenta Furry Scam, Beta Homemade Wings Scam, Cupid Wings Scam, Surfboard Scam, and the Galactic Fly Scam.


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A scammer will tell you their item of lesser rarity is the same item as a similar, rarer item. Items commonly used to scam with this method are the Magenta Furry, Beta Homemade Wings, Cupid Wings, Surfboards and Galactic Flies among other items.

Someone may also say that their item is unreleased or glitched. For example, there were some unreleased Jamaaliday items that were similar to color in other released Jamaaliday items. Scammers would use the released ones that looked similar to the unreleased ones and try to scam. Additionally some of those items such as black candy cane socks have been officially released however scammers may try to say they are still unreleased. Scammers may also lie about the worth of magenta items (ones that aren't very rare), or claim items are Beta when they're not.

How to avoid this scam

Before doing a trade, be sure to know accurate information about the items you're trading for. Use the Animal Jam Classic Wiki to compare different different items. Use the Animal Jam Worth Wiki to be sure you're trading fairly.

Magenta Furry

If someone offers you what is supposed to be a Real Magenta Furry, make sure you know the difference. The snowflake on a Real Magenta Furry is eggshell white and fuzzy. The snowflake on a Fake Magenta Furry is bright and clear. If you're unsure, take a picture of it and zoom up on it. Find and take pictures of confirmed fake and real ones, then compare the one you're getting offered to both.

A labeled picture of the 2 Magenta Furries is below. Be sure you trade the right amount for each one, and don't trade for the wrong variant by accident. The "Real" variant is on the left, and the "Fake" variant is on the right.


Beta Homemade Wings

If you are trading for Beta Homemade Wings, have the user put the storebought version next to what they claim is the beta version on their list. If they claim they don't have gems, jag/trade them a pair of storebought wings. If they have the jag disabled and/or declines the trade, it's definitely a scam. If they're trading what they claim is the Beta version to you, make sure that they include the storebought wings in the actual trade as well. That way, the real and fake (or fake and fake, if they're a scammer) are always side-by-side for comparison.

Beta Hood Scam

The real Beta Hood is teal/turquoise with a green eyepiece. The main fake hood is a more dark, solid blue (or powdery blue), but it also has a green eye, which is why people often get them confused. Another fake hood is a darker turquoise, and has a black eyepiece.

Labeled pictures of the Beta Hood and two fake hoods is below. Be sure to trade for the correct variant so you don't get scammed. The real Beta Hood is on the left and the fakes are in the middle and on the right.


Cupid Wings

Make sure you know what's gloss and what isn't. Check the AJIWW to compare cupids to the ones they show on the page. Ask other people if you're still not sure. Black is the hardest to tell, remember that all glossy cupids will have a bright white shine except for the black cupids.


Do not trade for any surfboards with bites. Below is a comparison of the Surfboards worth something and the ones currently in stores. The surfboard worth something is called Wooden Surfboard, the worthless one is simply called Surfboard. The Wooden Surfboard is a land item, the storebought Surfboard is an underwater item. Wooden Surfboards do not have a bite, the Storebought Surfboards do.

Galactic Firefly

Compare the two pet fireflies first. There are some differences in the two pets such as eye options and antennae. Galactic Fireflies will have star antennae, regular Fireflies will not. Galactic Fireflies are called Galactic Firefly, however Fireflies are simply called Firefly. This scam is more common on Animal Jam Play Wild compared to Animal Jam Classic.

Magenta Items

If someone is offering you a Magenta Item and you are unsure if it is rare or not use the AJCW and the AJIWW to compare. Magenta Items with high value will be listed on the Magenta Items Page. Some Magenta Items, such as the lasso, are in stores so be sure to check. Some Magenta Items are worth something but worth significantly less, such as the Magenta Custom Top Hat.