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A scammer claims they will give away good items if you gift them good items. They'll make up fake usernames that they claim they gifted their big items to, or use spare accounts to receive gifts.

People around will believe that the scammer is actually doing what they promised, seeing the usernames being called out. If they gift the scammer, they will be ignored, blocked, or the scammer will leave.

NOTE: The user mentioned in the photos is not a scammer. 

How to avoid this scam

  • Search any usernames the scammer calls out to see if they're real. Even if those users are real, they could be helpers, spare, or unrelated.
  • Don't gift them and you won't get scammed! This is basically the Gift and Trade Scam, except a different tactic. If someone asks for items and promises better items in return, it's a scam. If someone is being generous, why can't they directly gift you?
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