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A scammer will say that they’re hosting a giveaway, and ask people to give them rares so they can have items to host the giveaway with. However, once they’ve collected items, they never host one.

Members may even use their Jammer Wall to describe the “giveaway” they’re going to do, making it sound like you’re donating to a good cause. They might also link it to their YouTube channel, or a YouTube channel that they claim to have.


“Give me rares so I can donate them to poor New Jammers!”
Fake giveaway example

“Doing a holiday giveaway! Send me items so I can give them away on the 25th.”

“Spread kindness! Help give to the poor by sending me items, big giveaway tomorrow!”

“Doing a huge RIM giveaway, please donate!”

How to avoid this scam

If you see anyone asking for rares in order to host a giveaway, it’s more than likely that they’re lying. If you want to help, you can easily trade “poor jammers” items directly. This way, you don’t have to risk trading them to someone else, who could easily keep the rares for themselves.

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