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This scammer is currently inactive and is not scamming. If this user has become active, please alert a staff member, or update the page. Please ensure you have evidence.
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This scammer is suspected to have multiple accounts and spares. It is likely that these spares will be used as an aid in their scamming, so if an account seems to be helping this scammer, please collect evidence and report them, both here and in-game.


Ferretlove07 used the Trust method to scam their victims. They supposedly haven't scammed anything, but have attempted multiple times. They claimed they were hosting a giveaway and then told their victims to trade them valuable items. Then they said that they don't have to accept, but doing so then quickly declining gives you more "points" needed to win the giveaway. Once the scammer gets the item they want, they would lock them out of the den.

Items Scammed

  • TBA