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This scammer is possibly banned or they may have changed their username, making them harder to find. If you have any proof that they are still scamming on any other accounts, please add in the information or ask a Content Moderator or higher to do it or unlock the page. Stay safe!


Flowerßoy scams using Gifting Wars and a form of worth manipulation. They jag the victim asking if they want to do a gifting war. They jag you a useless but obscure item, and when the victim gifts something back, they claim their item was worth more than their victim's. However, their item is worth less. They'll demand that gift something rarer, and they'll block the victim whether they gifted something rarer or not.

Items Scammed

  • Pink Short Collar
  • Multiple Worn Blankets
  • Masterpiece
  • Headdresses
  • Red short collar
  • Bad long wrists
  • Party hats
  • Den betas
  • Several long collars