This scam is more common in Animal Jam Play Wild, as the Pet Galactic Firefly and the normal Pet Firefly have both the good worth depending on the value they have.


The scammer will find a victim that has a beta or a rare item and request a trade to them. The scammer will claim that their firefly pet is actually a "Galactic Firefly" but glitched and renamed. The victim falls for the trick, and accepts the trade. The scammer gets the item they wanted, leaving the victim with a normal pet firefly.

How To Avoid This Scam

Compare the two pet fireflies first. If it doesn't have star antennae and a green-blue glow, do not accept the Scammer's trade. And if someone says that their Galactic Firefly is glitched and it looks like a purple-white normal Pet Firefly, do not fall for them and cancel the trade immediately.

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