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If a scammer is using a gifting or trading method, they will usually stand in a common trading area, such as Jamaa Township, and say something similar to the phrases in the Examples below. If a player confronts them for not sending the promised gift or trading the promised item back, the scammer will usually block the player, leave, or ignore them.


"Send me something, I'll send you something equal/better back!"

"Send me rares and get my [rare item(s)]!"

"Best trade wins my [rare item(s)]!"

"Trade me your [rare item] first and I will trade you a [rarer item] after!"

"Trade me a beta and win my [rarer item]!


See Fake Gifter Scam.

How to avoid this scam

Don't give them what they're asking for. They're making you take an unnecessary risk. You could easily trade at the same time, but they want to get their hands on your items first, no matter what they say.

If you're unsure of whether or not some is scamming, ask them these questions.

  • Do you have the item you're promising? (If they refuse to show the promised item, they don't have it. Everything they're saying is a lie. However, just because someone has the promised prize doesn't mean they intend to give it away.)
  • Why are you doing this? (If they ignore you, it's a scam. If they say it's out of kindness, ask them why they're making other people give their items first, and see if their answer is suspicious.)
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