This scam is similar to the Item Duplication Scam.


Glitch scams are when a scammer says there's a certain glitch (or hack) that will allow you to get rare items or improve your rare items, but you must risk good items to them in order for it to work. However, these claims of glitches and hacks are lies.


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"I have a glitch where I can turn any Headdress into a Light Pink Headdress! Trade it to me and I'll do the glitch!"

"Put your best items in your shop for 50 gems each, then swim around in the mud in Appondale to glitch a Black Long into your inventory."

"Whenever I wear a rare item, it turns magenta! Gift a rare item so I can give it back to you glitched."

"I can generate your dream item if you trade me a rare item."

These are just few examples of glitch scams. There are many other variations of these scams.

How to avoid this scam

Anyone who says that they can glitch or hack items into your inventory, or improve your rare items, is lying. Don't trade anyone who makes these claims. They might try to convince you that it's real by testing it out with another person's (or even several people's) items, but that person is a spare account or helper. If you're still skeptical, answer these questions:

  • Can they show the glitch without you risking your items? For example, if they say something like "I can turn rare items magenta", ask them to show you a rare magenta item that they glitched.
  • Can they do the glitch if your item isn't very rare? Trade them an item that's not very rare, but still "rare", like a RIM. See their reaction. Do they leave? Do they ask for a rarer item?
  • Are they on a spare account? If they have very few achievements, animals, and pets, they're on a spare. They don't want their main to be caught scamming. Check their suspected helper's animals as well.
  •  Are they making you take an unnecessary risk? If someone has the ability to glitch/hack/generate rare items into the system, there's no need for them to take your rare items first. Their excuses may seem plausible, but they're still trying to scam you if they ask for your rares.
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