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Item Glitch Scam


Glitch scams are when a scammer says there's a certain glitch (or hack) that will allow you to get rare items or improve your rare items, but you must risk good items to them in order for it to work. However, these claims of glitches and hacks are lies.


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  • "I have a glitch where I can turn any Headdress into a Light Pink Headdress! Trade it to me and I'll do the glitch!"
  • "Put your best items in your shop for 50 gems each, then swim around in the mud in Appondale to glitch a Black Long into your inventory."
  • "Whenever I wear a rare item, it turns magenta! Gift a rare item so I can give it back to you glitched."
  • "I can generate your dream item if you trade me a rare item."

These are just few examples of glitch scams. There are many other variations of these scams.

How to avoid this scam

Anyone who says that they can glitch or hack items into your inventory, or improve your rare items, is lying. Don't trade anyone who makes these claims. They might try to convince you that it's real by testing it out with another person's (or even several people's) items, but that person is a spare account or helper. If you're still skeptical, answer these questions:

  • Can they show the glitch without you risking your items? For example, if they say something like "I can turn rare items magenta", ask them to show you a rare magenta item that they glitched.
  • Can they do the glitch if your item isn't very rare? Trade them an item that's not very rare, but still "rare", like a RIM. See their reaction. Do they leave? Do they ask for a rarer item?
  • Are they on a spare account? If they have very few achievements, animals, and pets, they're on a spare. They don't want their main to be caught scamming. Check their suspected helper's animals as well.
  •  Are they making you take an unnecessary risk? If someone has the ability to glitch/hack/generate rare items into the system, there's no need for them to take your rare items first. Their excuses may seem plausible, but they're still trying to scam you if they ask for your rares.

Item Duplication Scam


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A scammer lies about being able to duplicate items. Usually, the scammer is in a popular place saying "doubling items, my den!" or "I can make more items, come to my den!" Once a small group of people are at the scammer's den, the scammer will ask the people to trade them the item(s) they want to be duplicated. When they scammer gets items, they lock their den.


The scammer often has a helper or spare at the den who trades them rare items. The scammer acts like they duplicated the item and trades it back. The helper has 2 of this rare item already, so they show everyone, "proving" that the scammer can duplicate items.

How to avoid this scam

If someone claims they have the ability to duplicate items, don't trade them. If you witness a "successful" item duplication, it's faked using other accounts and preplanned acts. If someone could really hack, they could just make people items without having them risk their rares. If you're still skeptical, try these tactics:

  • Trade them an item that's not very rare, but is still "rare", like a RIM. See their reaction. They might ask for a rarer item, ignore you, or come up with some excuse.
  • Ask them to duplicate a lot of the same item. If they have the ability to duplicate items, they should be able to make a large number of that item. If they come up with excuses for why they can't, it's a scam.
  • Check their achievements and animals. If they have very few, they're using a spare account because they don't want their main caught scamming. If they trade someone else to 'prove' that they can duplicate items, check their achievements as well. However, even if they're using main accounts, they're still capable of scamming.

Item Generator Scam


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A scammer, website, or video will offer an item generator (or items made from an item generator) to you for free. However, you must give your username and password in order for them to 'transfer the items to your account'. Instead of getting the items you asked for, your account is hacked and all of your items are stolen.

An example of a fake item generator site is to the right. This is the first AJ Item Generator sight that is shown when "AJ Item Generator" is googled. When you visit this site, they immediately ask you for your user and password, saying that the generator works best on member accounts.


  • If it's a site or a video, there will probably be lots of comments with people saying things like "OMG, THIS ACTUALLY WORKED!", "I thought it was a scam but I got my black long, tysm!" or "TY FOR THE HEADDRESS!". However, these comments are all fake. 
  • They may claim that these items will take a while to generate, maybe even months. They say it's a complicated process, or that they already have a lot of item requests. However, this is a lie to make it seem like they know what they're doing and that they have a working item generator.
  • They may also claim that you can't log in while the items are being generated into your account, or else the generation won't work. This is meant to discourage you from logging in, seeing that you're being hacked, and changing your password before the hack is complete.

How to avoid this scam

Do not give your password to any item generator sites (or any sites at all, other than Animal Jam). Even Animal Jam itself tells you not to enter your password into any other sites. No matter how much "proof" there is of these item generators being real, the proof is FAKE. All they want is your password.

We strongly advise that you don't try to get items from generators. Hacking is against Animal Jam's Terms of Service, and if hacked items are found on your account, you may get banned. If you want to test out an item generator regardless, make a spare account and give the site your spare's password. But if you don't get anything or nothing happens, it is most likely a scam.

Auto Accept Scam


Screenshot 2019-09-29 at 4.51.47 PM - Edited.png

Auto Accept is a scam/hack in Animal Jam Classic (and possibly in Animal Jam Play Wild). This is not confirmed to be a working hack currently, but it is possible that it may be used again. More commonly, people say they'll give you the hack to use on anyone in exchange for your user and password, which is a scam.

There are a good amount of YouTube videos and websites advertising the hack, some of which have comments underneath saying that the hack worked. However, these comments are fake, as are most of the videos and sites.

Auto-Accept Hack

Usually, people who have the actual hack look for people wanting offers for rare items (Headdresses, Rare Spikes, etc). The scammer will trade the person with a rare item a bad item, such as a necklace. Normally, the person being offered the bad item would decline the trade. However, the Auto Accept software the scammer is using force-accepts the trade, even if the person wanted to decline.

Auto-Accept Scam

Every once in a while you may find a video about an Auto Accept website that needs your username and password to "work". The person who makes the video usually uses spare accounts, and all of the "force-accepted" trades are digitally created. If you believe the fake video, once you give the person with the "hack" your information, they can access your account and steal your items.

How to avoid this hack/scam

Auto-Accept Hack: Avoid having good items on trade everywhere you go. However, having good items on trade is sometimes necessary. If you're offered a bad item for one of your good items, log off or press the X button instead of pressing the decline button. The decline button enables the hack, but logging off or pressing the X button has less of that risk.

Auto-Accept Scam: DO NOT TRY TO GET AN AUTO-ACCEPT HACK TO USE FOR YOURSELF. That is you wanting to scam and hack other players, which is dishonest and wrong. You may end up getting scammed yourself if you try to use the hack, and it serves you right for trying to scam other people. Just don't.