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This scammer is currently inactive and is not scamming. If this user has become active, please alert a staff member, or update the page. Please ensure you have evidence.


Glowingclouds used the old Trust Trade scam in 2015 before the trading system was updated. She hosted a Trust Trading party and ended up scamming some items there. In 2017, she scammed Mrjumpy23 out of their Black Long and could've possibly scammed more people in 2018.They may have switched accounts, been hacked/scammed, or quit since she isn't wearing any items and has only 3 animals. They were recently online in June 2020, however, it is unknown if they have stopped scamming.

Items Scammed

  • Black Long Collar
  • 2 Headdresses
  • Purple Worn
  • Purple Beta Tail Armor
  • Green Long Collar
  • Possibly More

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