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The AJ Scammer Watch Wiki
This user is suspected to have stopped scamming and/or has apologized. This page will not be taken down yet for reasons. However, if you see this person trying to scam/hack again, please report them and notify a staff member or update the page.

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Happycl0udss is an Animal Jam Play Wild scammer that uses Trust Trading and guilt tripping on their victims. They currently have a YouTube channel which isn't related to scamming, but there is solid evidence of them being a scammer.

Items Scammed

  • Exotic Pet Armadillo Lizard
  • Double Tail
  • Blackout Collar
  • Red Exotic DNA Vial
  • Leilani's Rare Airplane Tail
  • Double Wings
  • Halloween Rare Forest Gauntlets
  • Blackout Stylish Glasses
  • Blue Fish Tank


Recorded proof of them scamming