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This scammer is suspected to have multiple accounts and spares. It is likely that these spares will be used as an aid in their scamming, so if an account seems to be helping this scammer, please collect evidence and report them, both here and in-game.


Heyyyyyyyyyyy uses Trust Trading while disguising it as Double Accept in order to scam their victims. There's also a small hint of the Item Worth Scam, but this is debatable.

They advertise that they are giving away a Pink Short Spiked Collar, and then they claimed it's Double Accept. They ask you to buddy them, either to make it easier to lock you out if you object, if they think that you're onto them or to decrease the amount of witnesses and spies. Another player, suspected to be the main, Hoho197, buddies you to gain her trust.

When they start scamming, they say that hoho197 is winning with Rare Item Mondays when it is down to two people in their den. Once you trade higher, like a Clothing Beta, they return it. Hoho197 will trade a Den Beta and the Yellow Sweets wallpaper for the Sturdy Table. However Heyyyyyyyyyyy claims that a Good Long Spiked Collar could win.

When you tell them this, they say the complete opposite and get you to trade again. Once they get an item bigger than what hoho197 has, they unbuddy and block you, kicking you out of the den in the progress.

Items Scammed

  • TBA