Since there are often scammers who browse this wiki, Introverted Kitten came up with the idea of making this page to help users who may want to stop scamming but don't know where to start.

Realization is key. If you are a scammer (or hacker) you need to realize that you're harming actual people with emotions like yours. You may know how it feels to have your items taken from you, and inflicting those same negative emotions on other people is what you're doing when you scam. Instead of improving anyone's situation, you're hurting others in order to gain items on a game.

Write down how often you scam within a certain amount of time. If you really desire to stop scamming, gradually reducing the number of times you scam within that amount of time will make you feel better about yourself. Sticking to your goal may be difficult, and if a relapse occurs, try your best to get back to where you were with the steps below:


Pick Up A New Hobby / Distract Yourself: The best way to break a habit is to get a new habit. There are many things on Animal Jam that you can do aside from scamming. You can create masterpieces, collect uncommon items, play games, decorate dens, create a non-scamming YouTube channel or Discord server, or take up the challenge of profit trading without being deceptive. If logging on AJ makes you want to scam, a break may be healthy.

Eliminate Motives: This includes removing scammers from your buddy list if they tempt you to scam, deleting your scamming spares, and leaving scamming groups and servers. Instead, join non-scamming communities which don't have the same stress and toxicity that scamming does.

Talk To Someone: If you're struggling to stop scamming along, you can always talk to wiki moderators and friends. You may even need to talk to people in real life; it's an addictive habit that both affects other people negatively and may consume you.

Give Away Items: Host an actual giveaway (possibly in the form of a game or fashion show). See how it feels. Hosting giveaways isn't an enjoyable activity for everyone, but if you're aiming to break your scamming habit, you may find the experience of giving more fulfilling than stealing. You could (and should) return items to people you've scammed as well.

Apologize: Once you have reduced your scamming days to zero, you’ll need to apologize. Apologizing while you're still trying to break the habit may help you break the habit. Unless you return as many items you scammed/hacked as you can and apologize, it may be harder for people to trust you and non-scamming communities to let you in. (Make sure to have proof that you returned items.)


Guilt over an activity such as scamming is a natural emotion that may help you to stop. Many admirable and loved people in the AJ community were previously scammers who stopped using tactics similar to the ones above. Over time, you can gain trust and build healthy relationships.

Credit to Introverted Kitten for the idea of making this page and writing most of this page.

If you have any other ideas on how to stop scamming, please leave them in the comments and we may add them to the page.

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