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A scammer lies about being able to duplicate items. Usually, the scammer is in a popular place saying "doubling items, my den!" or "I can make more items, come to my den!" Once a small group of people are at the scammer's den, the scammer will ask the people to trade them the item(s) they want to be duplicated. When they scammer gets items, they lock their den.


The scammer often has a helper or spare at the den who trades them rare items. The scammer acts like they duplicated the item and trades it back. The helper has 2 of this rare item already, so they show everyone, "proving" that the scammer can duplicate items.

How to avoid this scam

If someone claims they have the ability to duplicate items, don't trade them. If you witness a "successful" item duplication, it's faked using other accounts and preplanned acts. If someone could really hack, they could just make people items without having them risk their rares. If you're still skeptical, try these tactics:

  • Trade them an item that's not very rare, but is still "rare", like a RIM. See their reaction. They might ask for a rarer item, ignore you, or come up with some excuse.
  • Ask them to duplicate a lot of the same item. If they have the ability to duplicate items, they should be able to make a large number of that item. If they come up with excuses for why they can't, it's a scam.
  • Check their achievements and animals. If they have very few, they're using a spare account because they don't want their main caught scamming. If they trade someone else to 'prove' that they can duplicate items, check their achievements as well. However, even if they're using main accounts, they're still capable of scamming.
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