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A scammer, website, or video will offer an item generator (or items made from an item generator) to you for free. However, you must give your username and password in order for them to 'transfer the items to your account'. Instead of getting the items you asked for, your account is hacked and all of your items are stolen.

An example of a fake item generator site is to the right. This is the first AJ Item Generator sight that is shown when "AJ Item Generator" is googled. When you visit this site, they immediately ask you for your user and password, saying that the generator works best on member accounts.


  • If it's a site or a video, there will probably be lots of comments with people saying things like "OMG, THIS ACTUALLY WORKED!", "I thought it was a scam but I got my black long, tysm!" or "TY FOR THE HEADDRESS!". However, these comments are all fake. 
  • They may claim that these items will take a while to generate, maybe even months. They say it's a complicated process, or that they already have a lot of item requests. However, this is a lie to make it seem like they know what they're doing and that they have a working item generator.

How to avoid this scam

Do not give your password to any item generator sites (or any sites at all, other than Animal Jam). Even Animal Jam itself tells you not to enter your password into any other sites. No matter how much "proof" there is of these item generators being real, the proof is FAKE. All they want is your password.

We strongly advise that you don't try to get items from generators. Hacking is against Animal Jam's Terms of Service, and if hacked items are found on your account, you may get banned. If you want to test out an item generator regardless, make a spare account and give the site your spare's password. But if you don't get anything or nothing happens, it is most likely a scam.

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