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Not to be confused with the Fake Beta Scam or the Wiki Worth Scam.


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The Item Worth Scam (Also known as Item Worth Manipulation) usually involves two users/spares working together. It's either done in public Jamaa rooms, in someone's den, or through jam-a-grams and conversations. One scammer has many rares, while the other has an obscure (often worthless) item.

The 1st scammer offers rare items for the 2nd scammer's items. Once you overtrade for the 2nd user's obscure/worthless item, you get blocked by both accounts. This scam has different variations, as shown in 3 different examples.

Example 1

One scammer in Jamaa Township had 2 Headdresses on trade. They were offering their whole list for an obscure but worthless item, a Porthole (a storebought item). Someone (the other scammer) in the same room had this same item on trade, and was accepting a Black Long Spiked Collar. The victim traded a Spiked Collar for the Porthole, expecting to trade the item for the 2 Headdresses on the 1st user's list. However, both scammers block them before exiting the room, leaving the victim with a completely worthless item.

Example 2

A scammer jagged a rare user asking if they had a Chomper Plant Hat (worth a long Spiked Collar), and said that they were offering their Light Pink Headdress for it. Some time later, a helper/spare account offered their Chomper Plant Hat and a few other items for the user's RIM Headdress. The user accepted this massive undertrade, and was blocked by both users.

Example 3

A scammer was advertising they were taking a bad item for their good item at their den. However, it was a very specific bad item that their spare account had but a lot of normal people wouldn't (for example, an adventure item that usually gets recycled). The scammer's spare account in the den had this specific bad item on their list, and they were only taking rare items for it. Once the victim traded rares for the bad item, instead of getting to trade the bad item for the scammer's rare item, the victim is blocked and the den gets locked.


A scammer may claim they're taking so little for an item for multiple reasons, including:

  • Claiming that the specific bad/obscure item their spare/helper has is worth as much as they're trading.
  • Claming it's the last variant they need for a set.
  • Claiming they're being generous but want to make it a challenge by having the victim search for a specific item.

How to avoid this scam

First, look up the item that the rare user wants and see how much it's really worth, or if it's seasonal or obtainable. Tell the rare user its worth, and see their response. They may claim that it's "glitched" or "unreleased" when it isn't. If they come up with an excuse like "it's the last color I need" or don't come up with an excuse at all, it's a scam.

Ask yourself these questions when you think you might see this scam:

  • If someone is wanting to trade so many rares for an obscure item, why aren't they offering for that same item that's on someone's list in the same exact room?
  • If someone is being offered Headdresses, Rare Spikes, etc. for their worthless item, why aren't they accepting? If they come up with an excuse such as "I don't like Headdresses", it's an obvious scam.
  • Is the item the rare user wants worth much less than what they're offering? If so, why would someone so rare be dumb enough to trade that much for a worthless item?
  • How come both the rare user and the person with the desired item just so happen to be in the same room? If that item is so rare, that would be highly unlikely unless it was set up.
  • Are both accounts moving at the same time? Are they always in the same room/server? Do they come and leave at the same time? Do they do the same thing repeatedly in different servers?