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This scammer is currently active and possibly still scamming. Please report this user for scamming and safety issues, and if you have proof that they have scammed more than what we have stated, it would be appreciated if you could provide it here; otherwise, stay clear of this jammer.


Jrubx11 uses Trust to scam. She advertises in random servers, saying something along the lines of "No scam, my list giveaway!" When people go to her den, she begins by greeting everyone. She doesn't request for them to buddy her and she keeps her den open for everyone. She starts it off by saying "this is trust". She implies that users don't have to accept, but if she accepts, they are encouraged to complete the trade (then put bad on their list). She claims that she'll trade back, but she locks her den when she gets a trade she likes.

Items Scammed

  • Neon Blue Spiked Collar
  • Possibly More

Appearing In

Note: This video has not been uploaded yet, but the link is available in case it is.



  • This account has many achievements, animals, rare items, and rare pets, so it is most likely a main account.
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