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This scammer is suspected to have multiple accounts and spares. It is likely that these spares will be used as an aid in their scamming, so if an account seems to be helping this scammer, please collect evidence and report them, both here and in-game.

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This scammer is currently active and possibly still scamming. Please report this user for scamming and safety issues, and if you have proof that they have scammed more than what we have stated, it would be appreciated if you could provide it here; otherwise, stay clear of this jammer.


Ketu Scams is a well-known scammer who has over 500 subscribers. They use methods such as Trust and Cross Trade Scams.

They often hide their usernames and their victims' usernames to prevent anyone from contacting them. However, one of their accounts is C0necollar. They were proven to be C0necollar in this video. They also hide the comments to prevent anyone from calling the scammer out, despite the like and dislike ratio.

Items Scammed

Animal Jam Classic

  • Multiple Rare Spiked Collars of all colors
  • 2 Blue Headdresses
  • Magenta Headdress
  • Orange Headdress
  • 2 Diamond Shop Spiked Collars
  • 2 Cupid Wings
  • 3 Promo Wings
  • Promo Sailor Hat
  • Flower Crown
  • Worn Blanket
  • Rare Pet Mouse
  • Rare Pet Mantis
  • Many More

Animal Jam Play Wild

  • Dragon Wings
  • 8 Rare Curly Antlers
  • Archer Hat
  • Mystical Spiked Collar
  • Raccoon Tail
  • Dual Samurai Swords
  • Blackout Spiked Collar
  • Furry Arm Cuffs
  • Forest Gauntlets
  • Pink DJ Headset
  • Green Heart Antennae Headband
  • Many More


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