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This scammer is currently active and possibly still scamming. Please report this user for scamming and safety issues, and if you have proof that they have scammed more than what we have stated, it would be appreciated if you could provide it here; otherwise, stay clear of this jammer.

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This scammer is also a hacker, meaning that they have violated one of Animal Jam's most serious rules and are a potential danger to the accounts of the Animal Jam community. Please report and block this user for safety issues, and regardless of any situation, make sure to stay clear of them.


Kokic Aj is an active Animal Jam scammer and hacker. Their channel is run by two users. They use Session ID Hack and other unknown methods to hack. In their scamming videos, they block out the victim's username, as well as theirs. They use the Trust Trading method to scam. They have hacked many spikes and continue to do so. One of their accounts is disingrations

Items Scammed/Hacked

  • 40 Den Items (including Cami's Frog and several other Den Betas)
  • Sheep Cloak
  • Neon Bow
  • Lion's Mane
  • Yellow Short Spiked Collar
  • Multiple Short Collars
  • Multiple Long and Short Wristbands
  • Multiple Long Collars
  • Possibly More


Other Accounts

  • disinigrations
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