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This scammer is possibly banned or they may have changed their username, making them harder to find. If you have any proof that they are still scamming on any other accounts, please add in the information or ask a Content Moderator or higher to do it or unlock the page. Stay safe!

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Lpswinterberry is a scammer that uses the Language Server Hack. This user has a lot of achievements and is a member, that can possibly mean it's either a spare account or an account they hacked using this method.

Lpswinterberry jam-a-grams you, asking you to come to their den and for help with their video, also claiming they'll pay you a black long Spiked Collar for helping them. After you come into their den, Lps will tell you that they are going to do the video in their main language: French. Then they ask you to search up their YouTube channel, Caremy AJ. It is currently unknown if Lps has any helpers, who help them with their scam, but there was a person with the username Bloing, who was acting suspicious by doing whatever Lps wanted.

It is also important to state that there were only 2 people in Lps' den, Bloing and the other person, the target. Lps then asks you to go to the channel info and use the link in there to log into French Animal Jam Classic. This is where Bloing proves to be a major suspect, by claiming they logged in, even though, when you log into Animal Jam Classic from another tab, it logs you out, but Bloing never got logged out. After the other person asked how is that possible, both Lps and Bloing say that it only translates everything and it won't log you out. The person knew it was a scam, so they just simply said that they aren't falling for that and left.

Items scammed

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Bloing can be a potential helper or the main.