This scam is a version of the Fake Beta Scam, and is similar to the Beta Hood Scam.


Real Magenta Furry Hats are highly desired by many jammers. There are not many in the game, leading to their worth and demand being very high. However, the "Fake" Magenta Furry Hat variant could be obtained by AJHQ giving them out on their Youtube Livestreams. This version is worth less than the Real Magenta Furry Hat. The difference between the 2 is hard to see.

The "Real" Magenta Furry Hat has a dull white snowflake (called an "eggshell" white). The "Fake" Magenta Furry Hat has a pure white snowflake. The "Real" Magenta Furry Hat is worth 50 Black Longs. The "Fake" Magenta Furry Hat is worth around 45 Black Longs.

Some users find this difference hard to determine, so scammers use this to their advantage by claiming a "Fake" Magenta Furry Hat is real and asking for the worth of a "Real" Magenta Furry.


A scammer may wear a Real Magenta Furry and show it on their list, but when they trade you, they're actually trading you a Fake Magenta Furry. You'll see them wearing a real one and you'll know they have it, so you'll accept the trade, not realizing that they just traded you a fake one.

How to avoid this scam:

If someone offers you what is supposed to be a Real Magenta Furry, make sure you know the different. The snowflake on a Real Magenta Furry is either eggshell white and fuzzy. The snowflake on a Fake Magenta Furry is bright and clear. If you're unsure,take a picture of it and zoom up on it. Find and take pictures of confirmed fake and real ones, then compare the one you're getting offered to both.

A labeled picture of the 2 Magenta Furries is below. Be sure you only trade the right amount for each one, and don't trade for the wrong variant by accident. The "Real" variant is on the left, and the "Fake" variant is on the right.

Screenshot 2019-09-28 at 7.01.24 PM - Edited

The "Real" Mag Furry (worth 50 Black Longs) is to the left. The "Fake" Mag Furry (worth 45 Black Longs) is to the right.

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