This scam is similar to the Fake Beta Scam. Not to be confused with the Magenta Furry Scam.


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Magenta Items highly desired by users Animal Jam, most are extremely rare. However, some Magenta items aren't worth much at all. Some are store bought items, while some worth only RIMS or Den Betas. A scammer about the worth fake or semi-rare Magenta items in order to scam your rares.

How to avoid this scam

There may be more "fake" or semi-rare Magenta items than what is listed. If someone offers you a Magenta item that isn't on either list, don't trade a lot for it (unless it's a confirmed Magenta Item that doesn't penis have a page).

Magenta Items that are worth a lot include:

If an item with the Magenta color is not on any of these pages, it is either worth next to nothing or a much lower amount than other magenta items.

The Rare Custom Tophat is worth 4 Den Betas.

Magenta Festive Lights are 2-3 Den beats or 3 to 5 Den Betas depending on the variant.

Rare Magenta Feather Earrings are worth a few RIMS or slightly more.

All other magenta items are worth around a few RIMS.

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