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This scam is where someone says "GIFT ME, DOING MAILTIME!" (or something similar) without having a YouTube channel, just to get free items. They may use trading, usually if they're nm. However, Mailtime isn't always a scam.

A scammer is more likely to say something such as "Whoever sends the best gift/trade gets a shoutout!" or "Whoever sends a gift gets entered in my giveaway!".

How to avoid this scam

  • Don't gift any items you care about. You know that if you gift someone, you're going to lose that item. It could be featured in a video, but then again, they could use it only for themselves.
  • Ask them the name of their channel. (If they don't answer, it's a scam. If they make up an excuse for why they can't say it, such as chat filters, it's probably a scam.)
  • If they say a channel name, it could still be a scam. Look up the name they said on YouTube to make sure that channel exists. If that channel exists, make sure that it's actually theirs.
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