Avehtt Animal Jam

aka me be like:

Content Moderator
  • I live in ~The Animal Jam Scammer Watch~
  • My occupation is ~Editing on the Animal jam Scammer Watch~
  • I am ~A Epic Gamer~
  • Bio ~What brings you here? I have plenty of things to tell you. have you ever heard how I am Staff on multiple Wikis but manage to stay active on all of them? Okay, now come back for another story!~
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Hey! I'm Avehtt Animal Jam, your most friendliest SolidCoyote! I can make you a custom Userbox, more info here. Before you do anything, just know that I can:
  • Delete pages
  • Delete Comments (Not edit them though, I'm not a chat mod)
  • Protect/lock pages
  • Edit those locked/protected pages
  • Create pages, as long as they have solid video and/or photo proof
  • anything else?

Note that I may close threads or even remove them if something is fixed! And before you go, if you see a scammer running around and want to mark him/her as active, then collect proof of them scamming before updating the page.

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