aka BullyMasterAJ

  • I live in From Chicago, to Toronto, they're the one they call Whatsername
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is eating and sleeping
  • I am bored
  • Bio i like greenday, and video games. also food
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If you have come here telling me about a vandal or a super hacker that got through a block, tell me.  If you come here asking to be staff, please no! If you want to convince me enough that you have what it takes, I would like to see you actively creating pages, editing pages correctly, being mature in general, & actively helping the community.  If you're here to tell me a bunch of drama, go ahead ouo. I'm used to it.

If you have trouble with editing, ask a staff member, if you have seen a mistake, message me. Please don't bother me if you see a typo! Simply just fix it yourself. 

If you have a grudge against me, please tell me. I just want to be friends with everyone, or at least not have people hate me to high heaven.


the message above me is from when i was staff. im not staff anymore. i quit and am inactive. 

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