A scammer wil advertise that in their shop, an item is selling at a lower price than usual (as seen in Method One), or a scammer will advertise a rare item at a low price, but the price is higher than what they advertised (as seen in Method 2).
2020-05-06 (47)

Method One

A scammer will advertise that they're selling a rare item at a lower price than what that item would usually sell for; for example, a Black Short Collar for 100 Diamonds. However, the item in the shop is similar item; for example, a diamond shop Black Short. You may rush to buy it without realizing that an item worth less is in the shop.

Method Two

A scammer will advertise a rare item for a low price, pricing it at much higher than they advertised. If you purchase it quickly without paying attention to the price, you'll have overpaid.

How to avoid this scam

Make sure you know what you're buying. Look at the item and the price before you purchase it.

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