This scam is similar to the My Shop Giveaway Scam.


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The My Shop Scam is where a scammer says something like these examples:

  •  Buy the items in my shop and you'll get a Black Long!
  •  The first person to buy an item from my shop will get my Headdress!

The items being sold are usually overpriced or storebought. Once items are sold, the den is locked, and the scammer doesn't keep their promise.

Note: People might give out free items after customers buy from their stores without it being a scam. For example, a user might say "Buy 3 items and I'll jag you a RIM!" and they'll actually jag you a RIM. If they don't keep their promise, that user is lying--and it can be called a scam if the items are overpriced or unwanted.

How to avoid this scam:

The only way to avoid this scam is not to buy if the items are overpriced or if the prize is good. A seller could easily sell the promised prize for the amount of diamonds that the worthless or overpriced item(s) in the shop are priced at. However, they want you to risk your diamonds first.

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