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My Shop Scam


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The My Shop Scam is where a scammer says something like these examples:

  •  Buy the items in my shop and you'll get a Black Long!
  •  The first person to buy an item from my shop will get my Headdress!

The items being sold are usually overpriced or storebought. Once items are sold, the den is locked, and the scammer doesn't keep their promise.

Note: People might give out free items after customers buy from their stores without it being a scam. For example, a user might say "Buy 3 items and I'll jag you a RIM!" and they'll actually jag you a RIM. If they don't keep their promise, that user is lying--and it can be called a scam if the items are overpriced or unwanted.

How to avoid this scam:

The only way to avoid this scam is not to buy if the items are overpriced or if the prize is good. A seller could easily sell the promised prize for the amount of diamonds that the worthless or overpriced item(s) in the shop are priced at. However, they want you to risk your diamonds first.

Fast Buy Scam


Fast Buy Scams are usually advertised as something that a lot of players would want and something that you would want to go to very fast before everybody else buys it all, as shown in 2 different examples.

Example 1

A scammer in Animal Jam Classic is advertising that they are selling RIM recyclables for 50 gems to recycle for free extra gems, their shop is completely filled except one item is actually very expensive (ex. 100+ diamonds), as victims are buying as fast as they can, a victim accidentally buys the expensive item possibly without even ever noticing.

Example 2

A scammer in Animal Jam Classic is advertising a giveaway for a slightly decent item (a bad short Spiked Collar for example). When they get to their den they explain that they will put the item in their shop for 1 diamond and whoever buys it the fastest wins, but they actually put it up for an extremely expensive price (any amount that would be worth way more than what the item is actually worth), everyone rushes to buy it when it is put up in the shop not knowing that it was actually extremely expensive.

Other Tactics

  • Scammers will sell a shop full of items that victims would usually want to buy extremely fast.
  • Scammers will also tell their victims to be quick before anybody else gets the items first.

How to avoid this scam

  • Always pay very close attention when you buy something, read the prices very fast as you're buying.

My Shop Giveaway Scam


A user with a My Shop says something like "Giveaway my den when my items are bought" or "Selling rare spikes for gems when my shop is sold out". This may be a lie to quickly get diamonds for their decently-priced items, which is harmless (but still dishonest). However, if the items are overpriced or unwanted, it's a scam. Either way, they won't follow through with their promise.

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How To Avoid This Scam

The only way to avoid this scam is to not buy from the user's shop. This is usually, if not always, a scam. You can ask the user some questions to make sure it's a scam, or to persuade other users that it's a scam.

  • Ask the user what they're giving away, and see if they have a response.
  • Tell them to wear the item they promised or put it on their trade list. If they won't do either of these, it's a scam.
  • If you're still not convinced it's a scam, buy the cheapest items (if there are any) and see if they keep their promise. If they ask you to buy more items, it's a scam.

My Shop Outfit Scam


The scammer will ask you to put an item in your My Shop then claim that they won't buy it, they'll just try it on with the dressing room feature. They will then buy your item and leave.


The scammer will sometimes claim that they have little to no gems/diamonds/sapphires, and that they aren't capable of buying it, which is a complete lie.

How To Avoid This Scam

Don't listen to the people who will claim they "won't buy your item". If anybody says that to you, lock them out of your den then block and report them. Exposing them or adding them to this wiki might also be a good idea.

My Shop Price Scam


A scammer will advertise that in their shop, an item is selling at a lower price than usual (as seen in Method One), or a scammer will advertise a rare item at a low price, but the price is higher than what they advertised (as seen in Method 2).

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Method One

A scammer will advertise that they're selling a rare item at a lower price than what that item would usually sell for; for example, a Black Short Collar for 100 Diamonds. However, the item in the shop is similar item; for example, a diamond shop Black Short. You may rush to buy it without realizing that an item worth less is in the shop.

Method Two

A scammer will advertise a rare item for a low price, pricing it at much higher than they advertised. If you purchase it quickly without paying attention to the price, you'll have overpaid.

How to avoid this scam

Make sure you know what you're buying. Look at the item and the price before you purchase it.

"Double Item" Shop Scam


Nonmembers will come into your den to trade for a bigger item, they will say they are afraid of the item being doubled. They will ask you to put it in your shop for max price and since they are nonmember, they can’t buy it. As soon as you put it in your shop their main account will come in and buy it out of the shop.

How to avoid this scam:

Do not put items worth more than a black long in your shop. Even if the user tells you to lock your den to buddies only don't do it. They are trying to scam you.