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This scammer is currently inactive and is not scamming. If this user has become active, please alert a staff member, or update the page. Please ensure you have evidence.


Nicaragua9 uses Trust to scam. He also scams in another way that's more unique: the Skit Scam. He advertises a Rares over friends skit at his den. Once people are at his den, he chooses roles for everyone, and the rarest users are chosen as his friends.

When it's time to trade in this 'act', he'll 'pretend' to the be the scammer, and the people he chose to be his friends will 'act out' the victim roles. He will ask the victims if they can trade him rares, saying it's all part of the skit and that they'll get their items back. However, once he's traded, he'll lock his den.

Items Scammed

  • Red Long Collar
  • Green Long Wrist
  • Rare Pet Otter
  • Golden Pet Bunny
  • Epic Wonders Items
  • 6 Den Betas
  • 8 Clothing Betas
  • Box Head
  • Chicken Beak
  • Pet Hamster
  • Possibly More


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