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The Outfit Scam is a when a scammer asks to try on your outfit, then never returns it. The scammer could say “Can I try on your outfit?” or “May I take a picture with your outfit on?” The people who try to scam you this way will most likely be one of your buddies, and you'll be willing to let them try on your outfit since you trust them. Scamming tactics include:

  • Pressuring you into it, threatening that they won't be your friend anymore, or reacting emotionally
  • Pretending their feelings are hurt, saying things like "I thought we could trust each other" and "If you were really my friend, you'd trust me!"
  • Claiming they want to borrow it for a roleplay or skit

How To Avoid This Scam

If someone asks to borrow your items, simply say no.

  • Whatever you do, don't lend your rares to someone you don't know. If a stranger is asking for your rares, that obviously means they want to steal them.
  • If someone is your buddy and they try to guilt you into giving them your rare items, even threatening to end the friendship, that means they're not a true friend.
  • If someone asks to see how an item looks, you can wear it on an animal that looks just like theirs. If they insist that they need to try it on themselves, they're definitely trying to scam you.
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