Not to be confused with the Pet Stop Scam.

Method 1

Pet code scam example

Someone will say that they'll give you a rare pet code (so you can make a custom pet) in exchange for rare items. A scammer is likely to offer the rare pet code for less than its worth. They don't actually have the code (or they won't give it to you), but they make you give them your rare items first. They may give you part of the code first, but they never give you the rest, making it impossible to create a custom pet.

Method 2

A scammer receives rares in exchange for their code. However, the code they give you isn't a valid pet code--it's random numbers and letters that they made up. When you try to enter it in to make a custom pet, it doesn't work because the code is fake.

Method 3

Someone may offer you rares for your pet code, but when you give them the code first, they don't follow through with their end of the deal.


  • A scammer will use images online of Adopt-a-Pet toys, codes, etc to "prove" that they own a pet code when they actually don't. They may even photoshop more "proof" into the image (for example, a piece of paper with their AJ user on it).
  • There are several images that cannot be reverse-searched on Google that scammers use. They may tell you to reverse-search them to prove that they're real, but they aren't.

How to avoid these scams

Instead of trading pet codes, trade for the pet after the person with the code makes it. That way, it's a direct trade instead of a risk. It's very easy to get scammed with codes, because someone could either give you a fake code or not give you a code at all.

If you have a code, you can use it to make a custom pet for someone, and they can trade directly for the pet. If they ask you to make a super common pet, they could be trolling you, so don't do it. Whatever you do, don't go first in a risky trade.

Pet Code Troll

Someone may want a custom pet, offering to do it the safe way. They'll ask you to make a common or ugly pet, then leave without trading for it. Although they're trolling and not scamming you, they'll make you lose a lot of worth (for example, if your code is worth 40 and they ask you to make a common pet worth 4, then you'll lose 36 worth.) The only way to avoid this is to refuse their offer if they want you to make a bad pet.

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