Not to be confused with the Pet Code Scam.

NOTE: This is not always a scam, as there is always a chance you could dress up someone's pet without getting scammed, but there is still a chance you can get scammed from this method.


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A non-member will ask a member to dress up their pet for them, or a member will advertise that they're doing pet dressings/undressings at their den. The member will trade the non-member a bad item for their pet. Instead of using the Pet Stop to dress the pet like they promised, the member will block the non-member.

Method 1

This scam is more of a big deal when it involves rare-tag pets. If a non-member asks a member to dress up their rare pet, and the member trades a bad item to do it, there's a high risk of the non-member getting scammed. The non-member should always have the member trade the worth of the rare pet when wanting it dressed.

However, this can still result in a scam, since rare pets have such a wide worth range. Clothing items may cover up important pet features that determine the pet's worth, and the only way to find these features out is to get them undressed. A member may undress a nonmember's pet to find out that it has good features. Since they undertraded for the pet, they may use this opportunity to scam.

Method 2

A member will dress/undress a pet for a nonmember, and complain or lie about what that they had to spend to do it (only 200 gems). The member will then demand a rare item in return for spending the gems and doing the work, without warning the nonmember beforehand.

How to avoid this scam

The safest way to get your pet undressed is to have the member trade the worth, although this is sometimes difficult with rare-tag pets. You can ask a trusted friend to dress your pet, or a trusted staff member of either the AJ Item Worth Wiki or the AJ Scammer Watch.

If someone suddenly tells you after undressing your pet that you have to pay them, give them either something small or nothing.

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