UI HA 219

Due to consistent scamming, this scammer has been banned! Regardless, if you have proof that this scammer has returned through third-party programs or have an alternate account, make sure to report that account to AJHQ and report them here along with your proof. Stay safe, jammers!


Rremmacs is an inactive animal jam scammer. They use trust giveaways to scam. From the known time they scammed, they had 3 rules. These rules were, No yelling, be happy for the winner and no drama. Someone traded a black long wrist, accepted, and they gave it back. After a while when there were only 2 people left, they had a "tie," one person had accepted the black wrist, another person traded a variety and didn't accept. The 2 jammers made it clear that they could split the prize and be okay with it that way. Rremmacs said they had to do a "tie-breaker" by one of them trading (and accepting). After over 30 minutes of debating over it, Rremmacs said Jammer 1 had won but she still had to trade. Jammer 1 traded and then they both got locked out. She was banned recently at an unknown date.

Items Scammed

  • Black Long Wrist
  • Possibly More


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