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This scammer is suspected to have multiple accounts and spares. It is likely that these spares will be used as an aid in their scamming, so if an account seems to be helping this scammer, please collect evidence and report them, both here and in-game.


Ruling Scams AJ is a YouTuber with 8 subscribers. They use the trust trading method of scamming and are also known to make intros for other scammers. They have uploaded 14 videos as of right now, and all but 6 of them are about scamming.

Items Scammed

  • 2 Sheep Cloaks
  • Phantom Beanie
  • Black Short Wrist
  • Gray Skullys
  • Adventure Nerd Glasses
  • Diamond Shop Elf Tail
  • Purple Short Wrist
  • Diamond Black Short Collar
  • White Flower Crown
  • Tan Carpet
  • Possibly More

Appearing In

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