Note: The Sapphire Drop Scam is an Animal Jam exclusive scam since Sapphire Drop potions are only available to AJ.


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A scammer advertises a Sapphire Drop. Once several people are at the scammer's den, the scammer asks for good items in order to do the Sapphire Drop. If the victims give the scammer good items, the scammer locks their den without doing the drop. A scammer also may stand in a popular place and say something like "Trade me a rare item and I'll drop 20 times!", and once they get items, they leave.

The concept is similar to Trust Trading, in that players must risk their rares in order for a reward that is never given to them. A scammer may use spare accounts to make the "Sapphire Drop" seem legitimate when it really isn't.

How to avoid this scam

If someone asks for items in order to do a Sapphire Drop, don't participate. If someone is being generous by giving out sapphires, why would they ask other players to risk their items first? They want to get their hands on your rare, but they can't forcibly take them, so they must convince you to give them by making fake promises. This is an incredibly easy scam to avoid! Many people flock to drops and will accuse the host of scamming! There might also be that one person who is the scammer's backup, but always remember to look out for yourself and just say no!

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