UI HA 219

Due to consistent scamming, this scammer has been banned! Regardless, if you have proof that this scammer has returned through third-party programs or have an alternate account, make sure to report that account to AJHQ and report them here along with your proof. Stay safe, jammers!

Notice: This scammer is believed to be banned or have changed their username.


Sillywolfsam uses one of the Trust Scams to scam. He tells you to accept or otherwise, it doesn't count. If no one accepts the trade, he starts begging for the spikes. He asks you to put your rare spikes on trade and tell you to accept their trade he gives you. When someone trades them decent or good items, he locks the den. He is currently a new jammer, but we managed to figure out the username using a glitch. 

Items scammed

  • Yellow Diamond Shop Long Spiked Collar
  • Pink and Blue Diamond Shop Long Spiked Collar
  • Possibly More


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